Pest control in Ipswich: Why pests are in your home

Pest control in Ipswich: Why pests are in your home
April 10, 2018 Cure All Pest Control

It’s no secret that Ipswich has had its fair share of floods. However, unfortunately with the fast-flowing water, comes quite a few creepy crawlies and dangerous pests that tend to hang around!

Just last year, many reports of snakes, spiders and centipedes were prevalent all across Ipswich as flood water began to die down. These pests tried to seek refuge on river banks and in people’s homes… and many of them decided to stick around. Here are just a few other common issues that Ipswich residents tend to have concerning pests in their homes.

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Winter hibernation in your home.

With winter drawing near, Ipswich residents are likely to notice an increase in pests around their homes. Many people are under the false impression that pests simply disappear in the colder weather, but the unfortunate truth is that they often retreat into houses to hunker down in preparation for the cooler months. Pests such as rats, cockroaches, spiders, possums and ants all want to find warm, dry places to nest when it’s rainy and bleak outside. And a house’s roof and various nooks and crannies that are dark and undisturbed are the best hiding spots!

Finding nocturnal creatures.

So how do Ipswich residents go about turfing these critters from their homes? Well, it can be very difficult, especially considering many Winter pests are nocturnal. So you may hear and smell them, or find traces of their faeces around the house, but never actually catch a glimpse them. This can be unnerving, especially when things go bump (or in the case of a possum in your roof, a very loud screech) in the night. And even when you’ve caught one, how do you know there aren’t others? Mice, for example, can have five to ten litters of babies PER YEAR! And the litter can produce anywhere between three to fourteen young. If there’s one mouse raiding your pantry, you can be sure that there are others! Without professional assistance from a pest exterminator, it can take a VERY long time to get rid of them.

Attempting to keep pests out of old Queenslanders.

Ipswich is also a suburb that has many beautiful old Queenslander houses. Queenslanders are made with great ventilation in mind, to stave off hot Summers and encourage airflow. Unfortunately, this also means that cracks in floorboards, window sills and door jams are common. These are welcome mats for pests to enter your home. Trying to board up every crevice can be a mean feat, and will impact on your home’s natural ability to remain cool come Summertime again. So how do you deter pests?

Professional pest prevention and extermination.

The most efficient way to keep pests out of your Ipswich home is to call in a pest control expert. At Cure All Pest Control we have the knowledge and experience to be able to rid your house of pests and prevent them from coming back again. We carry out inspections to form the best course of action and can spray your home to get rid of pests without aesthetically ruining the charm of your property. Trying to exterminate pests yourself can be a stressful and lengthy business. Leave it up to the professionals remove pests from your home for good.