Why Are Possums So Dangerous to Your Family?

Why Are Possums So Dangerous to Your Family?
November 12, 2016 Cure All Pest Control

We’re not strangers to possums here in Brisbane, in fact we have three different types – two species of Brushtail Possum and the Ringtail Possum. The Common Brushtail Possum is the one we’re most likely to cross paths with, since it is readily adapted to urban life. So if we hear a thumping on our roof or a growling noise at night we’re not likely to be too alarmed.

But these cute and furry critters pose a few dangers to your family. Here’s what to do if one gets inside your home.

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How to identify a possum

Possums are generally about the size of a domestic cat and the Brushtail Possum has a pointed face with a pink nose, long rounded ears and a bushy black tail. As it is a marsupial it’s only active at night when it comes out looking for food, criss-crossing its way through treetops and across roofs. It makes a range of noises, including coughs, clicks, grunts and hisses. If caught, suddenly in a beam of light it will stop and stare with bulging eyes.

You’ll know if a possum has made a home in your roof and not a rat because it’s larger and will thump around when walking, rather than scurry. Possums are territorial creatures, urinating on an area to claim it as their own and rubbing oil from glands on their chests. If you have possums in you home, you may see urination down the walls.

A possum will defend itself

Possums are usually docile. Even with other possums they just stare at each other with erect ears to defend their territory. On occasion they can bear their teeth but this teeth-bearing threat display is just for show. Playing dead is another possum trick.

If trapped however, possums will defend themselves just like any other animal. So you’re likely to get bitten if you or your dog mess with it – and possum teeth are sharp! They also have extremely sharp claws which can rip bark off trees – not something you want to imagine on soft human skin!

Do They Have Diseases?

Yes, possums carry some diseases which can be passed to humans through skin-to-fur contact or contact with their faeces. They also carry mites, ticks and other parasites, and bacterial infections such as ulcers. If you’re cleaning up after a possum has been in your home, remove any faeces wearing disposable gloves and disinfect the area to minimise exposure to infections.

What Damage Will They Cause?

Possums have the tendency to eat whatever they can and take shelter anywhere they feel safe and warm, so your home’s roof makes a nice cosy dwelling. But once inside you can have problems with them tearing insulation and ductwork to make nests and leave pungent odours and stains, getting into rubbish bins at night, and even having a litter of baby possums which compounds the problem.

What Can You Do?

Possums are protected under legislation in Australia and need to be safely removed by humanely trapping them, sealing up the roof openings and relocating them into a suitable location.


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