Rodent Control – Eliminate Rodents from Your Home

Cure All can take care of any rodent issue you may be experiencing, with minimal inconvenience to you.

With changes in climatic conditions, rodents, which are well adapted to living closely to humans, move indoors to search for food and shelter. Colder weather is the most likely time when rodents move indoors. They also make their nests in roof voids where possums have established their homes.

Due to the fact that rodents are nocturnal, they are rarely seen but their presence is evident from droppings, urine stains and oily markings from their pelts when they squeeze through tight spaces. Of course other evidence is from damage that they have caused to food stuffs and damage where they have gnawed through or into walls or timbers.

The Cure All Solution

Identification of the species inhabiting the premises is important so that precise and specific control methods are undertaken. Our methods involve a complete site inspection and sanitation and hygiene matters being attended to. Prevention of entry and baiting are then carried out with a regular program to eliminate and deter future intrusions.

Rat facts
you need to know!

Rats cause damage to structures by chewing, eating stored foods and carry numerous diseases.

A female rat can start reproducing at three months old and can have four to six litters a year. Each litter can have between 6 – 12 baby rats in it and with pregnancy only lasting 21 – 33 days, your property can be over-run with rats in just a few short months.

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