Ant Control

Ant control is an important part of any integrated pest control program, as ant colonies can expand rapidly. Ants can also leave chemical trails leading into your home that can be followed by other insects seeking a sheltered environment such as spiders and cockroaches. Ants can cause damage to furnishings, curtains and carpets from the debris from their workings and nests causing staining.

Externally, they can cause problems by undermining concreted, paved and grass areas causing sections to collapse and some species cause distress from their bites.

The Cure All Solution

One of the first steps in any treatment plan is to identify the species of ant. In Australia, there are more than 3000 species. Cure All tailors any treatment plan according to:

  • the particular species of ant
  • the type of property needing treatment
  • the degree of infestation
  • the individual needs of the property owner

Cure All provides a wide range of treatment methods including liquid sprays, dusts, granular baits and gels.  Monitoring and continual treatment may be an option where a major problem exists.