In Australia there are about five species that have successfully claimed themselves the title of pest. They exploit built environments by feeding on and often damaging books, paper and clothing. In particular they damage the starchy glues and sizings on these items. Fortunately no disease transmission is known from silverfish.

Silverfish are extremely difficult to control, particularly if they have become well established. In more recent years bulk storage of building materials prior to construction, particularly plasterboard, which has a paper covering glued to the plaster core, provides a ready home for silverfish. They are built into the structure and multiply and become a nuisance.

The Cure All Solution

Liquid spray is supplemented by insecticidal dust. This has been extensively tested and has proven safe to humans. This dust is applied to voids, interior living spaces, to skirting boards and cupboards. Dusting of ceilings is also very important. Several treatments may be required in order to effectively combat the entire colony.