Building & Pest Inspections

With both a fully qualified building inspector AND fully qualified pest inspector

When buying or selling a home, you have to get a Building Inspection. But…why just get a Building Inspector that has some training in pests when you can have both a Fully Qualified Building Inspector AND a Fully Qualified Pest Inspector for the price of one?

Whether you’re buying or selling, your home is worth so much – the more experise you have, the more covered you are.

So have peace of mind when you are buying or selling your home with Cure All’s combined Pest and Building Inspection.  From only $440 for the average sized home, our focus is providing a quality, independent inspection and report so that you can make the most informed decision.


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Building & Pest Inspections

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Cure All’s Building and Pest Inspection Process

Combining your Pre-purchase Building Inspection with a Pest Inspection is hands-down the fastest and most efficient method to prepare for buying your new home. Cure All gives you one low price, one appointment time, and two qualified inspectors.

Pre-purchase Building Inspections are a crucial step in buying a home. They provide assurance that the property you are buying is structurally sound. But what about pests and termites?

All Cure All inspections also include a Pest Inspection. This means you are guaranteed the house you are purchasing is infestation-free, and you are quoted for any treatment you will be liable for – no building inspector can do that. So not only do you get peace of mind, you gain negotiation power. And all for the one price.

Building Inspection

Each building inspection includes:

Full internal and external inspection of your roof, roof void, sub-floor, surrounding out-buildings and the grounds within 50 metres of residence.

  • Use of Thermal Imaging Camera and Moisture Metres to detect liabilities.
  • Full inspection reports provided same day by email or posted same day.

In accordance with the Building Inspection Standard AS4349.1-2007, your new home will be inspected front to back, top to bottom, for any flaws in its structure. The method of construction is determined and any structural and building compliance concerns are recorded. Your home will also be inspected for any water or moisture resulting from leaking taps or pipes, or from lack of effective drainage. We ensure Electrical and Fire Compliance and report on any issues that will cause problems in the future.

Pest Inspection

Each pest inspection includes:

  • Full internal & external inspection of roof, roof void, sub-floor, out-buildings & the grounds within 50 metres of residence.
  • Use of Thermal Imaging Camera and Moisture Metres to detect pest hotspots.
  • Use of specialist termite detection devices, including Term-a-Trac and Borescopes.
  • Full inspection reports provided same day by email or posted same day
  • Carried out in accordance with AS4349.3-2010

Our expert inspectors will inform you of signs of previous treatments, where previous damage or repairs have occurred, and indicate where dampness has led to rot or decay of your home. Pest inspections are designed to be ‘non-invasive’, so your inspector will bring specialist equipment to detect areas that are conducive to hiding or concealing termites to minimise any nasty surprises down the road.

As part of the inspection, we provide a fully detailed and costed Treatment Proposal. This dramatically increases your negotiation power, as, without this proposal, you would have little idea of costs of treatment work.

Before we leave the site

Before we leave the site, Cure All’s friendly inspectors are there to answer any questions or concerns you have. We are very approachable and happy to discuss any further steps in the process. Alternatively, our senior staff will take your call at a later time to talk you through the report.

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