Bird Control – Eliminate Bird Trouble-Spots from Your Premises

Protect your property from potentially expensive damage, including expensive solar panels, roof mounted air-conditioning systems and contamination of tank water.

Birds bring much pleasure to many people and are important in the environment. However some birds, especially non-native invasive birds, create problems to people and the environment.

The main offenders are the invasive species: pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, Indian mynas and starlings. Occasionally native and migratory birds, including swallows and brush turkeys can also cause damage to structures and the environment.

Cure All bird control products include:

  • Bird netting
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird removal
  • Bird shock systems

Commercial & Residential Bird Control Solutions

Metcash, Logan Hospital and Gallery Homes all trust Cure All Pest – and you can too.

Potential costs of damage caused by birds includes:

  • High cleaning and maintenance costs to repair defacement by droppings and nesting materials
  • Hazards and potential claims due to slipping, smell and disease caused by droppings
  • Noise from congregating birds, especially pigeons and mynas
  • Manufacturing and sales losses due to contamination of product and packaging
  • Repair of corrosion to paint and metal caused by uric acid in the droppings
  • Water damage and structural repairs from clogging of gutters and drains due to nesting material
  • Nesting under solar systems and around roof-mounted air-conditioning units reducing efficiency
  • Denudation where large numbers of birds roost
  • Destruction of landscaping and gardens by brush turkeys
  • Hazard to jet engines at airports
  • Loss of crops, especially soft fruits
  • Loss of native birds and small animals as pest birds kill and displace them from nesting sites, compete for their range and food supply
  • Cost of controlling infestations of insect and mite pests such as skin & hide beetle, spider beetles, blowflies and house flies, fleas, ticks and mites
  • Cost of control and treatment of diseases carried by birds.
  • Mud nests caused by swallows

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The Cure All Solution

Cure All Pest Control understands that every situation is different and as such, every pest control issue requires a tailored treatment plan to address your needs and particular circumstances. We offer a wide range of systems to deter birds from entering your property. The first step, as with any pest control operation conducted by Cure All Pest Control, is to perform an inspection.

The inspection will provide our pest control professional with all the information he needs to form a tailored treatment plan to suit your needs. Matters such as readily available food and water, overhanging trees, loose roofing sheets, shaded areas and method of construction are among those issues that would be assessed.

Swallows are protected, but can be caught using netting systems.  Similarly, brush turkeys are protected, the males turkeys may be humanely trapped and removed from site.

We understand that every property is different, which is why we employ a wide range of approaches to attain bird control.

Bird Control (Short term)


  • Bird baiting
  • Trapping
  • Shooting

These methods can be used to reduce populations prior to installing an exclusion system or carried out on a regular basis to reduce the bird population.

Bird Exclusion (Permanent)

  • Sprung wire: used on parapets, birds are discouraged by insecure footing
  • Flexible floppy wire: insecure footing when overlapping in larger areas and when used singly on lights.
  • Spikes: longer than birds’ legs making it uncomfortable for them to stand
  • Electric shock systems: discouraged by electrical shock, does not kill
  • Netting & mesh: for complete exclusion, usually under a roof, but is also used on building facades and with support posts on rooftops

With the right application of materials and types of systems, birds can be excluded from properties permanently.

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Bird facts
you need to know!

Birds can bring pleasure to many people and are important to the environment. However, some birds, especially non-native invasive birds, create problems to people and the environment.

Such issues as; clogging gutters and drains with nests, causing corrosion to paint and metal structures through the uric acid in their droppings or transmitting harmful diseases and infestations (such as fleas, ticks & mites).

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