Possum Removal

Possums naturally live in the cavities of trees but when their natural nesting sites are removed they venture into roof voids through broken tiles, damaged eaves and displaced ridge capping. It is while they are in the roof areas that they are a concern for homeowners. Possums in roof cavities typically:

  • Make loud noises at night
  • Urinate and defecate in ceiling cavities
  • Cause stains and odours

These behaviours can result in sleepless nights, as well as promote the growth of bacteria and harmful microbes in and around the possums’ living area.

The Cure All Solution

In Australia, possums are protected under legislation and require conservation. Therefore, when they make their home in the roof space they need to be safely removed by humanely trapping them, sealing up the openings and relocating them into a suitable location. The Cure All team is fully qualified to conduct this relocation process and holds the relevant licences required for trapping.

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Did you know!

Six possums can live in a family sized roof at any given time. Having a lifespan of 15 years, they can carry deadly diseases easily transmitted to humans, such as the deadly golden staph and e.coli infections.

Possums found in roof cavities typically; make loud noises, urinate /defecate in ceiling cavities, which promote the growth of bacteria and can cause breathing problems for asthmatics.

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