Pre-Construction Solutions

Pre-Construction Services

Houses, Units, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial

Are you building or extending an existing premises?  Are you an owner or builder, architect or designer?  We can provide a solution for you which meets the Building Code of Australia, the Building Code of Queensland Amendments and the Australian Standards AS3660 suite of standards.

We use a range of products including:


A chemical treatment zone sandwiched between a 2 layer moisture membrane and that can be used under and around concrete slabs, around plumbing, electrical and other penetrations.


A single chemically impregnated sheet that has similar uses to Kordon


A Termite Reticulation System designed to accurately deliver liquid termiticides to under slab and external areas.

Because modern termiticides degrade over time, a Reticulation System is the only way that the treatment zone can be maintained, other than drilling holes and digging up soil areas.

Altis is exceptionally accurate due to the use of emitter technology.  It is the only system that can be run over 100 linear metres from one pump up point.

It is highly recommended that you seek our input on the most cost effective approach to meeting your needs at the preliminary design phase.

An early consultation could save in build time and costs.



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