Spider Control – Eliminate spiders from your home!

Don’t delay! Protect your kids and pets by enquiring about a treatment for your home. Cure All can eliminate the most common species of spiders in Brisbane, including…

  • Huntsman
  • Jumping spiders
  • St Andrews Cross
  • Redbacks
  • White-tailed
  • Wolf
  • Funnel-web

Removing spiders from your home will also remove any potential risks to your children and your pets.

The Cure All Solution

Cure All can eliminate spiders from your Brisbane or Gold Coaast home  backed by our 3 month warranty.


Did you know?

Queensland is in the midst of a Redback Spider plague. Due to the warm weather, rainfall and humidity, their food source; mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches have been thriving in numbers. Attracting more and more of the dangerous spiders, which are typically found in outdoor furniture and around the home.

Black, long limbed with a bulbous body and a red/orange stripe spot on the upper and lower abdomen. Redback spiders pack a mighty venomous punch, causing agonising pain, vomitting, sweating, muscle weakness and nausea. Yikes!

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