Our 4 Step Approach

How we get rid of termites and protect your home

Some termites can live in dry timber and are adapted to obtaining their water requirements from the wood in which they live. They do not have contact with the soil.

Treatment for termites involves the spraying of the unpainted side of attacked timber with a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, which is mixed with an oil base to maximise penetration into the timbers. Painted timbers need to be injected around attacked areas. Termite treatments should be performed once every five years. Other treatment methods involve covering of the structure with tenting and introducing a fumigant gas. This work would be coordinated by the Department of Primary Industries.

Cure All Pest Control has access to a wide variety of products and treatment methods. We understand that every property is different and that there is no “one size fits all” termite treatment. Using our Four-Step Approach, we will develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to eradicate your termite problem and provide protection against further termite attack.

How we get rid of termites and protect your home

  1. Assess and recommend

    First we carry out a termite assessment to evaluate the problem and determine what treatment will deliver the most effective results for your particular circumstances.

  2. Inspection and treatment of active termites

    We then perform a full termite inspection with damage assessment and extensive investigation, as well as execute the first stage of our treatment plan to treat the immediate infestation and rid your home of termites.

  3. Create a management system for protection

    The second stage of our treatment plan is directed at long-term control of termites in your home. This ensures that your home is not only cured of the existing termite problem but also protected from any future infestations.

  4. Follow-up check

    We assess the effectiveness of the treatment program, analyse the results and perform follow-up inspections if necessary.

Watch the video below for more information on our Four-Step Approach to conducting termite control in Brisbane and protecting your home.

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How do you know if you need termite protection?

The only sure way to tell if you’re in need of termite control in Brisbane is through a pest inspection by a trained professional or through evidence of termite activity such as mudding, hollow brittle wood or live termites.

The trouble with termites is that they are often difficult to detect without training and experience. This is because:

  • Termites usually access homes via a subterranean network of tunnels.
  • Termites tunnels can extend up to 50 metres, meaning that the nest may not even be on your property.
  • Some species of termites are arboreal, meaning their nests are built up in trees.
  • Termites construct tunnels made of mud to move about on the surface.
  • Termites like warm, moist environments filled with cellulose material like cardboard and wood and can cause extensive damage to your home before you even know you have a problem.

Important: If you see evidence of termite activity in your home, do not disturb them.

Termites are highly sensitive to light and vibrations, so if you happen to stumble across some termite activity or mudding, call a termite control professional immediately because any disruption could cause them to seal off their tunnels and move on to another area of your home.

Why choose Cure All Pest Control?

We have been successfully conducting termite control in Brisbane since 1966 and during that time we have developed an in-depth knowledge of termites, their habits and how best to discretely remove them from your property.

Cure All Pest Control is your best choice for termite control in Brisbane because:

  • We been conducting termite control since 1966, protecting more than 10,250 Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast homes.
  • Each of our pest control professionals is a termite specialist.
  • We are accredited to use a wide range of products and techniques for termite control.
  • We put our reputation on the line to make sure you get the results you need.

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