Preparing for Winter Pests

Preparing for Winter Pests
May 16, 2016 Cure All Pest Control


There is a perception that pest occurrence slows down in the cooler months. However this is not the case, many pests simply stick around all year round whilst others come and go during the seasons. So what are the pests you need to look out for during winter and how can you prepare for them?

Let’s take a look…

“General Pests” will still hang around
The bad news is that during winter some of the most common pests stick around. This means termites, cockroaches and ants will all keep building homes in your house.

Increased threats
The main pest threat during winter are rodents. During the colder months rodents usually move into homes in search of food and shelter. Like possums they make nests in roof voids. Rodents are nocturnal and chances are you probably won’t see them. So keep an eye out for droppings, damage to food packaging and urine stains- these are all clear indicators of rodent infestation.

So what can you do to prepare for winter pests?

Tidy up
It’s important to get rid of anything that can be used as a potential home for rodents. So throw out any rubbish or things you don’t use around the outside of your home.

Use plastic
Cockroaches and rodents can easily get through cardboard so when you are storing items consider alternatives such as plastic. And most importantly, make sure it is sealed.

Get rid of food scraps and sources
Rodents love to come out and nibble on your food whilst you are sleeping. So store food in airtight plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. But most importantly don’t leave food out. Otherwise, the easy meal will encourage rodents to stay.

Clean bins regularly
Bins are also a great calling card for rodents. So clean out your bins regularly and keep the lid closed at all times so they are not enticed to get a feed in your bin.

Check eaves and walls
Wasps can also be more prevalent during the cooler months so check the outside of your home for wasps nests. And while you’re at it check for spiders, making sure you kill them as you go.

These are purely prevention tips, and as we all know, pests can take hold even when you try your best to deter them. It’s always best to use professionals so give us a call.