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The CSIRO reports that termites cause more damage than fire and that more than one in five houses have termite damage with an estimated damage bill of more than $100 million every year. Termites are often referred to as ‘white ants’ but they share very few characteristics with ants.

The White Ant Man is Cure All’s specialist termite division in Brisbane. We know termites, and how to protect your home or business from them in the most effective way. A large part of executing termite control well is understanding how termites can enter a structure and regular termite inspections.

Through the construction of tunnels, both underground and over edges of concrete slabs, up sub-floor walls and over or through items that appear in their way, termites can travel a radius of at least 50 metres and to a depth of at least 300 mm underneath the ground. Shelter tubes are built if they need to travel above ground over items to get to food and also to protect them from the dry air outside and other insect predators.

Knowing what’s going on in one set of circumstances versus another, and the best way to treat and protect from future attacks is what The White Ant Man excels at.

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Did you know?

Every year 180,000 Australian homes are attacked by termites. This equals to an alarming $1.3 billion worth of repair costs each year! Think this won’t happen to you? CSIRO reported that over 1/3 of homes in Australia have a termite presence.

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The White Ant Man has been using the latest technology to find and eradicate termites for almost 50 years. …………….

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Once the nature of your threat has been assessed, we can treat your property with Dusting or Foaming.

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We can provide you with long term peace of mind with termite baiting, monitoring and chemical treatment zones.

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Three termite facts you need to know!

1. Termites can fly!
2. A termite queen can lay 7,000 eggs a day.
3. There’s an 80% chance you’re within 25m of a termite colony.

This is why yearly termites inspections are an absolute must.

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