Brisbane pest expert explains how to detect termites in homes

Brisbane pest expert explains how to detect termites in homes
October 10, 2017 Cure All Pest Control

Your home is your pride and joy, and often your biggest asset. So it goes without saying that you don’t want someone knocking down walls and chipping paint to find termites.

Here at Cure All, we want to help you protect your home, not destroy it in the process of pest extermination. This is why we use a range of non-invasive termite detection methods to find any termite activity present in your house. Because, to put it simply, termites are sneaky, and often the signs they leave are only small indicators of what could be a much bigger problem going on inside your walls and ceiling cavities.

Recognising you have a termite problem

You aren’t likely to see termites out in the open like ants or cockroaches. Termites like damp, dark spaces and leave minimal initial signs of their presence in your home. But there are a few telltale things to look out for:

  • Damaged timber such as swollen floorboards or door jambs, discoloured or damp paint and uneven or weak wood.
  • The smell of mould, mildew or rotting timber.
  • The sounds of constant clicking and clacking (like a typewriter) coming from inside the walls.
  • A build-up of discarded wings from flying termites who have found a new nest in your home.
  • Presence of ‘frass’ or termite droppings; a dark, powdery substance that it pushed out of the termite tunnels around the area they have inhabited.

If you see any of these signs around your house, you should call a pest control expert IMMEDIATELY!


CureAll Termite Warning Signs Bubbling Paint

Warped and Bubbling Paint on Windowsill


CureAll Termite Warning Signs Frass


How pest experts non-invasively detect termites in your home.

At Cure All, we use three high-functioning technological solutions to discover termites in your house, without causing premature damage. These processes are also used so that the termites themselves are not disturbed before treatment, as this will lead to them migrating to other parts of your home, causing even more damage. The use of technology helps us to detect the extent of the damage so that when we treat it, we can be sure we have exterminated the entire nest.

The Termatrac Termite Detection Radar System

The Termatrac device uses microwave technology (less than is emitted by your mobile phone!) to track termite activity through wall cavities. This device is used by Cure All pest specialists during every inspection to detect termites in places that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

CureAll Termite Detection

Thermal Imaging Technology

This device uses infrared technology to detect changes in temperature inside walls and crevices that cannot be seen. Termites create heat when tunnelling, so an increase in temperature inside your walls may indicate termite activity. This process doesn’t require any physical alterations to your property whatsoever, which makes it a fantastic risk assessment tool also. This means that for your yearly pest inspection, one of our team members can suss out the levels of moisture and warmth within your home, which may attract termites, and pinpoint these areas. Thermal imaging technology not only detects termites but also gives you the chance to rectify damp wood in and around your home before it attracts a termite infestation.

Videoscope for Visual Inspection

A videoscope is used to reveal exactly how much damage has occurred to the foundation of your house, and the species of termites that have caused it. The videoscope is used after the termatrac and thermal imaging technology have detected and confirmed termite activity. A small, discreet hole 7mm wide is drilled into your wall and a long, flexible scope is inserted to see exactly what’s going on, without disrupting the termites. It is important to be able to identify the species of termite that has infested your house, as this will determine the treatment to be carried out.

CureAll Termite Detection

Preventative is best

Termite season is upon us, and it’s important to have your yearly pest inspection carried out to rule out any chance of termites in your home. Remember that preventative measures are best, and these come with absolutely no physical alterations to your home thanks to our superior termite detection technology! Do you have any further questions regarding our termite detection methods, or wish to book an inspection? Contact Cure All today!