Horror stories that show the speed and destruction of termite damage

Horror stories that show the speed and destruction of termite damage
May 5, 2017 Cure All Pest Control

Termites are nasty little blighters with the ability to destroy entire homes beyond the point of repair. Read on to discover the extent of destruction that they are capable of, and why it is so important to have regular pest inspections.

The case of the abandoned Buderim family home

Mid last year a family in Buderim bought their home and installed all mod cons to make it the perfect house. They repainted, installed LED lighting and replaced the carpet and blinds. They even upgraded the kitchen and had the lounge room fitted with air conditioning. So you will understand how shocked and angry they were to discover that the internal structure of their house was completely unstable. Why? Termites.

The house was deemed uninhabitable by insurance companies as over 75% of the building’s structural integrity had been compromised. The only option this family had was to pack up their life, find a new home, and write this one off as a loss.

Their realtor declared that “the property will be sold as is on the day of auction with a strict cash unconditional sale required”.

Could you imagine spending so much time, money and energy renovating your dream home, only to find out that termites had destroyed it from the inside out?

One of the worst parts is that the house had passed the building and pest inspection before the family in question invested in it. This stresses the importance of choosing a reliable, experienced and professional company to carry out your soon-to-be home’s inspection. Contact Cure All for further information.

Termites in Melbourne CBD

Many people think that termites only hit homes in Queensland or rural houses. But in reality, termites don’t discriminate between homes as long as they have a sheltered, moist area for them to hide in and timber for their nourishment.

In fact, a house in Melbourne’s CBD was found with an infestation earlier this year. Due to the uncommonly damp nature of Melbourne’s Spring and Summer, termites have been having a field day, just like the flies and mosquitoes.

After homeowner Matthew Lynn had begun discovering termite wings around his home, he called an extermination expert in to confirm his worst fear; termites. Lynn says “I don’t live anywhere near a waterway; I live in the inner city so I didn’t expect it. It could happen anywhere.”

The termites in Mr Lynn’s home turned the majority of his floorboards to dust and extensively damaged his lounge room. This just goes to show that a termite infestation can happen to anyone.

Staying on the look out for termite activity

It’s important to be vigilant when monitoring for termites in your home. Be sure to keep an eye out for any wings lying around your house, especially on window sills and around skirting boards. Keep up to date with your yearly pest inspections and ensure that these are carried out by trained professionals. Contact Cure All today to arrange a termite inspection for your home.