Maintain your weep holes to improve your termite defence

Maintain your weep holes to improve your termite defence
March 12, 2017 Cure All Pest Control

Many people think the weep holes in the exterior of their house is the work of a lazy bricklayer, but this could not be further from the truth!

Weep holes are a vital method of termite management for your home. Here’s how to recognise a weep hole, maintain it and prevent false rumours about the lax work ethic of bricklayers from spreading!

What is a weep hole?

A weep hole is a gap between the brickwork in your home’s exterior, found just below the slab height of the dwelling. They are purposefully created to cultivate ventilation to wall cavities and drain excess moisture.

Why is moisture bad for my home?

Many people don’t know that bricks absorb moisture in wet weather. It’s important to keep constant airflow between wall cavities so that this doesn’t effect the woodwork of your home’s inner walls, causing rotting and mildew. Moist wood is a major attractor for termites, who thrive in damp, dark places.

Keeping weep holes clear.

Weep holes need to be visible and free from obstruction at all times. Many people cover their weep holes by accident because they are not aware of their importance to the safety of their home. Make sure you frequently inspect your weep holes to ensure they are clear. A few ways to do so are:

  • Planting away from weep holes and keeping your grass and crawling plants at a short length to prevent obstruction.
  • Landscaping your yard on a decline from your home for better water runoff.
  • Refraining from storing goods against your house’s exterior, which could potentially block weep holes and create bridges for termites into your home.
  • Building decks and pergolas with access points that will allow for regular inspection of weep holes.
  • Keeping all ground cover including grass, mulch, pebbles or pathways 75mm below the weep hole.

Preventing pests from entering weep holes.

If you’re worried about pests (not only termites, but roaches or rodents) finding their way into your home via the weep holes, there are a few simple solutions. Weep hole covers are relatively cheap and easy to install. They are like tiny grates that will still encourage airflow but prevent pests from entering. You can pick these up at Bunnings in a variety of colours and materials to suit the exterior of your home.

Have you found termite mud tracks leading into the weep holes of your home? Call Cure All today and leave termite extermination up to the professionals!