Don’t let Rodents ruin your Restaurant

Don’t let Rodents ruin your Restaurant
June 9, 2020 Cure All Pest Control

Nothing is more destructive to the reputation of a restaurant than rodents traipsing through the premise causing havoc and potentially even being spotted. Not only do they cause frustration by getting into unwanted packages, but rodents also carry a number of diseases with them. They spread bacteria on their bodies, in their droppings, and through their urine and saliva that threaten to harm your staff and clientele. With cooler months around the corner, rodents seek out warmer environments to escape the cold making it more timely than ever to get a handle on controlling pests in your restaurant.

These kinds of pests are all too familiar within the foodservice industry because they contain everything needed – water, food, and shelter. Knowing what signs to look for is just as important as any other part of managing pest control for your business. Chances are if you see things like bite marks on food or packaging, droppings, piles of nesting materials, and tracks, you could have more than one or two rodents hanging around. An important note is to keep your staff up to date with what to look out for when it comes to pest control in your restaurant or hotel as well, as they are probably spending more time in dry stores and the back of the house where rodents are likely to show their face.

As well as posing a significant danger to customers and employees’ health, there is a high risk of pests causing damage to your business premises. Rats are well-known for chewing and have an excellent sense of smell which makes it easy for them to find and gnaw through wood, plastic, and some metals. Worse still, they have been known to chew through power cables, causing costly repairs and potential fire risks. Implementing effective pest control procedures in your business can be done in a number of ways, starting with the identification of the species inhabiting the premises so precise and specific control methods are undertaken.

While many business owners think taking the DIY route is less costly, the efforts are often futile, because commercial spaces are expansive meaning pests can find many different places to hide. The best way to prevent pests from infesting your restaurant is to curb their ability to enter the building in the first place. For all your Brisbane pest control needs, contact Cure All Pest Control to work with your team to implement prevention measures and stop rodents before it’s too late. Ensure rodents don’t become an issue in your restaurant by taking action before you have a problem – prevention is much less costly than dealing with the aftermath and business consequences of an infestation.