Rat and Mice Prevention Using Pest Control

Rat and Mice Prevention Using Brisbane Pest Control
September 27, 2017 Cure All Pest Control

Your home is a haven for rats and mice, providing warmth, food and shelter. In recent years rodent invasion has been on the increase with people discovering that they’re sharing their home and food with uninvited guests.

Letting a rodent problem go untreated is a risk because it can result in major damage to your home, the spread of disease and an even worse problem, snakes! Find out how Cure All rodent control can quickly and conveniently rid your home of these pests.

Food contamination

Once they’ve gained entry to your home, rodents won’t hesitate to make a beeline to the nearest food source – your pantry! Your stored goods, if not kept in airtight containers, are a likely target with rodents easily able to gnaw through cardboard and paper bags. Food such as grains, dried fruit, seeds and even chocolate all look delicious to a hungry rat or mouse. If you find evidence of a rodent feast in your dried goods, you’ll have to throw them away as there’s likely to be urine and faeces contaminating them which can transmit diseases.

How can pest control help?

If you’re continually being bugged by rodents in your home, then take action by giving Cure All a call. We’ll undertake a complete site inspection and assess sanitation and hygiene of the home. We know where rats and mice like to hide and can suggest ways to reduce the risk of rodent activity on your property.

Physical damage

Rats and mice like to gnaw, it’s what they do, and they have sharp teeth. Unfortunately for you, this can mean considerable damage to your furniture, books and electrical equipment if a rodent goes on a chewing spree. It’s even worse if they gain access behind the walls as they can gnaw electrical cables causing short circuits and even fires.

How can pest control help?

If you suspect that you have rodents in your home from droppings, urine stains and oily markings, then it’s important to contact us immediately. We’re pest control experts and can identify and remove rodents with specific control methods to prevent them from further damaging your home.

Disease transmission

Rats and mice are well known for their role in transmitting diseases throughout history. While it’s rare that you’ll catch the bubonic plague from rodent fleas these days, the risk is still there. Other possible diseases transmitted by rodents include salmonella, Weil’s disease (bacterial infection), tapeworms and Hantavirus (lung disease). Asthma and allergies can also be triggered.

How can pest control help?

Sanitation and hygiene are a number one priority to eliminate the risk of disease if you have a rodent problem. Call us to safely clean up any rodent urine, droppings, or nests in your home.

Attracting snakes

An untreated rodent issue can lead to snakes being attracted to your home. A juicy mouse or rat is the no.1 snake snack. You need to discourage rodents, or you may end up with even more unwelcome visitors.

How can pest control help?

When in doubt for what to do, call Cure All, we’re pros at prevention of entry and baiting, and carry out regular programs to eliminate and deter future intrusions.