Commercial Grade Bird Deterrents for Industrial Sites

Commercial Grade Bird Deterrents for Industrial Sites
January 14, 2018 Cure All Pest Control

Just last June, Federal Agents seized $73,000 worth of contaminated food from a rodent and bird infested warehouse in Saint Paul, Minnesota. A massive loss for this storage and distribution company, whose warehouse has been walking on thin ice since 2015 with the department of federal food standards.

You may think that these issues are a world away, but they’re all too real here in Australia as well. Our country has plenty of invasive bird species that can quickly overrun industrial sites. The top contenders are pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, Indian mynas and starlings. While you may not be lax in your efforts concerning pest control (as the business mentioned above clearly were), it can be an easy but costly mistake to spray for small vermin like mice and cockroaches, and forget to put measures in place to deter birds.

If you’re unaware of how much damage birds can really do, have a look at this recent infestation we dealt with in Annerley:

Commercial Grade Bird Deterrents for Industrial Sites

More than just an inconvenience

Birds carry a range of diseases that can be passed onto humans, chiefly through their excrement. These include salmonella, respiratory diseases such as histoplasmosis and pulmonary diseases such as cryptococcosis. If bird excrement were to make contact with food ingested by humans, the results could become very serious very quickly. Needless to say, you don’t want birds infesting your warehouse as their presence could negatively impact your employees, your stored goods, and your customers. Oh, and your entire business!

So how do you exclude birds from your property?

Prevention is key

If your property is situated near a bird flight corridor, or a popular feeding site, it’s vital to install bird exclusion devices. Likewise, if you have noticed increased bird activity in your area of late, it’s worth getting in contact with professional pest experts to assess what methods can be put in place to deter birds from hanging around your worksite and creating an unsanitary environment. Common bird exclusion devices include:

Used under roofs, on building facades and on support posts on rooftops.

Sprung wire and flexible, floppy wire
Used on parapets and lights to discourage birds with insecure footing.

Used to deter birds from standing on ledges as the spikes are longer than their legs.

Electric shock systems
Works on the same principle as electric fences and make it impossible for birds to land. Are not designed to kill.

Commercial Grade Bird Deterrents for Industrial Sites

Already experiencing a bird infestation?

Call Cure All Pest Control ASAP! We have methods of removing pest birds from your premises, including baiting, live trapping and shooting. Under no circumstances attempt to do this yourself! The QLD government have strict rules regarding protected bird species, and you can be fined heavily for harming particular types of birds. Certain birds can also react aggressively when approached and require a professional to handle at all times. These are short-term solutions, however, often used to reduce bird populations prior to installing a more permanent exclusion system, as aforementioned.

Don’t risk being shut down by the health department due to unsanitary storage conditions, or being forced to halt work because of an unsafe working environment. Contact Cure All Pest Control today to protect your warehouse or industrial site from bird infestations.