Pigeon Pest Control: The Secret To Stopping Pigeons

Pigeon Pest Control: The Secret To Stopping Pigeons
February 20, 2019 Cure All Pest Control

Are you experiencing an increase in bird droppings around your property or business? Are you noticing damage to expensive solar panels, roof mounted air-conditioning systems or, at worst, contamination of tank water? If you said yes to some, or all, of these issues, you may have become the landlord to some unwanted tenants – pigeons.

While birds are essential for the environment and bring joy to many people, there some types of non-native invasive birds, such as pigeons, which can create serious problems for people and the environment. At Cure All Pest Control, we’re passionate about taking preventative measures to remove pigeons from your property without harming the birds or your property.

In this article, we discuss the types of commercial bird deterrents available, and the secret to stopping pigeons setting up their home on your property.

Pigeon Prevention

What’s the secret to stopping pigeons taking over your home?

There’s no point just winging it when it comes to bird problems. The best course of action is to take control of a bird problem before it gets out of hand. At Cure All Pest Control, our team understands every situation is different and requires a tailored treatment plan. That means the first step to stopping pigeons is always an inspection. An inspection allows our team to gain information to develop a treatment plan to successfully deter pigeons from your property. The deterrents we use fall under two categories: Bird Control, a short term prevention option, and Bird Exclusion, a permanent form of deterrent.

Bird Control – Short Term Prevention

Our short term bird control methods are used to reduce bird populations before exclusion systems are set up. These methods can also be used on a regular basis to reduce the bird population on a property.

  • Bird baiting
  • Trapping
  • Shooting

Bird Exclusion – Permanent

  • Netting and mesh: used for complete exclusion, usually under a roof, building facades and with support posts on rooftops.
  • Sprung wire: used on parapets, to discourage birds by creating insecure footing.
  • Spikes: longer than birds’ legs, making it uncomfortable for them to stand.
  • Flexible, floppy wire: used to discourage birds by creating insecure footing when overlapping in larger areas and when used on lights.
  • Electric shock systems: deters pigeons with a small electric shock.

But, deterrents alone don’t stop pigeons. So what is the Cure All Pest Control difference?

Stop pigeons damaging your property and causing a risk to your health with bird control by Cure All Pest Control.

The secret to stopping pigeons is using an experienced team that other big businesses trust. Cure All’s Bird Control Team help many large Australian businesses keep their buildings free of contamination and disease caused by bird droppings and nests. Our comprehensive approach to pigeon pest control means we have the experience to find the right solution for your home or business. Our professional team uses all types of pigeon control deterrents which allows them to tailor a solution plan to your property and the type of bird.

Are pigeons becoming a nuisance on your property? Cure All Pest Control are experienced in installing a wide variety of residential bird exclusion systems around Brisbane and are experts in commercial bird exclusion solutions. Call Cure All Pest Control to book an inspection today.