Commercial Grade Bird Deterrents for Industrial Sites

Commercial Bird Control: How Brisbane Businesses can Exclude Birds
January 23, 2018 Cure All Pest Control

Some birds can be a real nuisance. More than that, they can cause permanent damage to your property and carry nasty diseases. If you’ve ever seen high rises with window ledges sporting large spikes, or metal mesh around building cornices and over gutters, it’s because these businesses are actively excluding and discouraging birds from damaging their property.

Is your business experiencing pesky birds nesting on your roof, gutters and window ledges or excreting on your building and vehicles? It’s time to look into commercial bird control.

Maintaining a safe environment for employees and customers

As a business, you must provide a safe environment for both your employees and customers. Nesting, landing and roosting birds can result in unsanitary conditions that negatively impact the health of those entering and leaving your building. Birds carry a range of diseases (over sixty!) that can be contracted by humans, including salmonella, respiratory diseases such as histoplasmosis and pulmonary diseases such as cryptococcosis. Needless to say, a bird infestation in your place of business is a massive turnoff to prospective customers. It could also cost you an arm and a leg in workers comp if an employee contracts one of these diseases.

How to keep your business bird-free

Consult with a professional

First thing’s first; get the opinion of a professional bird control expert. You may think that putting up some wiring is a piece of cake and something that you can easily do yourself. But doing this effectively to deter birds permanently is another matter entirely. A professional pest expert will know where birds are likely to settle on your premises; they will be able to pinpoint each location and diagnose the best method of bird exclusion for that area.

Exclusion installation

After a professional pest expert has inspected your premises and assessed the best methods of exclusion, they will then install a range or one of these devices:

Used under roofs, on building facades and on support posts on rooftops.

Sprung wire and flexible floppy wire
Used on parapets and lights to discourage birds with insecure footing.

Used to deter birds from standing on ledges as the spikes are longer than their legs.

Electric shock systems
Works on the same principle as electric fences and make it impossible for birds to land. Are not designed to kill.

Preventative is best

You may think that your premises are not prone to bird infestations and therefore don’t require exclusion devices to be installed. However, birds will find shelter in even the smallest crevices, especially in adverse weather. Make sure you have a detailed look at the businesses neighbouring your property. Do they have bird exclusion devices installed? If so, guess where pest birds are going to nest instead? Your roof, gutters, eaves and window sills!

Don’t risk business shut down and long periods of dry cashflow because of a bird infestation. This type of pest contamination can permanently damage your business’s reputation, especially if you operate within the food industry.

Contact Cure All Pest Control today to organise a property inspection for the permanent exclusion of birds from your place of business!