How to Remove Possums From Your Property Humanely

How to Remove Possums From Your Property Humanely
August 4, 2017 Cure All Pest Control

Possums, in general, should be discouraged or removed from your home, especially if you have children or dogs that may come into contact with them.

They are usually non-aggressive, but if they feel threatened, they can attack by biting and scratching. The presence of possums in and around your home can also cause damage to roofs and attics, create unhygienic conditions and spread diseases such as rabies. Common brushtail possums are protected in mainland states of Australia, so need to be humanely discouraged or removed by professionals, so they aren’t harmed.

To remove a possum humanely, the only safe option is to call ring an expert pest control company. They have the experience to remove a possum without causing it unnecessary harm, or getting hurt themselves. Possums can inflict serious wounds when provoked. Plus, your local pest control specialist know the appropriate legislation around removing these pest from your home.

Even once removed, possums are notoriously hard keep out of our homes. Here are some common ways to deter them humanely from coming back.

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1. Make the landscape less appealing

A simple way to discourage possums at your property is to make your garden and the landscape around your property less appealing, so they won’t want to hang out there.

Possums are expert climbers and jumpers and can move around easily from tree to tree. So if you have tree branches touching your roof, you’ll be a prime target for a possum hangout. Keep tree branches trimmed at least 10 feet away from the roof. Climbing plants that reach up to the eaves are also a no-no as possums will scale these in a jiffy.

Keep grass mown and remove wood piles and old planters as they can become potential places for possums to hide during the day.

2. Remove sources of food

There’s nothing more appealing to a possum as a ready source of food they don’t have to hunt for. If you remove this, then you’re not giving them a reason to return regularly to your home. Keep your rubbish bags tightly tied and the lids firmly secured on your bins with a bungee cord or chains.

Pet food is also a tasty treat for possums. If you have to feed your pet outside, do it in the early morning or mid afternoon instead of at dusk when possums are stirring. Keep pet food away from cat flaps and other easy to reach openings.

3. Seal any openings

Possums are notorious for finding nooks and crannies, such as attic vents or chimneys. They like to settle down in a warm space for the night. Seal these with grids or screens and repair holes. Pet doors should also be locked at night, so possums don’t venture in looking for a free meal.

4. Install motion lights and sprinklers

Younger possums may be frightened off by motion-activated lights placed around the perimeter of your house. Sprinklers work better for more mature possums that don’t startle as easily.

5. Mothballs and garlic

These are two things that possums positively hate the smell of, so placing them around your property will deter their presence.

Mothballs – can be placed in mesh bags and hung from trees or scattered individually.

Garlic – crushed garlic cloves will have possums avoiding that area like the plague.

If all these methods fail, Cure All Pest Removal is qualified to safely and humanely remove possums by trapping them and relocating them. We also prevent possums making homes in roof spaces by sealing up openings. Call us today for help with your possum problem.

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