Will The Mouse Plague Reach Brisbane?

Will The Mouse Plague Reach Brisbane?
July 26, 2022 Cure All Pest Control

The mouse plague in the North Burnett has some South-East Queenslanders wondering, “Will this hit Brisbane?”. The good news is that experts don’t think it will – still, that doesn’t mean rodent prevention measures shouldn’t be taken in metro areas. Other data shows that while Brisbane City will be left alone by the mouse plague, it may be facing its own rodent issues.

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About the Mouse Plague

Regional hubs have been overwhelmed by mice this year. This builds from the rat plague, which was a major concern in NSW 2021. Though it’s not believed the two are directly connected, it shows that rodent numbers are on the climb! Experts have determined the increase in rodent numbers is due to lower predator numbers because of the lingering effects of the 2019 bushfires. Combine this with wetter summers and more tame winters, which have allowed rodents to breed through spring into the warmer months.

Reports are coming in of the rodents overtaking rural towns as close as Gayndah. Farms and homes have been swarmed by the pests. Some people have even reported being “bitten in their sleep”, while others have suffered their stores being invaded by “thousands of rodents every night”.

What This Means For Brisbane

CSIRO researcher and mouse expert Steve Henry spoke to Sunrise about the recent plague and assured Brisbane city would be safe from the spread. When the mice make a burrow, they rarely travel more than 100m from it. With the North Burnett over 300km away, it’s unlikely the sheer number of pests will be able to make the trek.

Mr Henry made it clear that Brisbane wouldn’t be invaded by the existing plague, but that’s not to say rats and mice already in the city haven’t enjoyed similar conditions that allowed the North Burnett plague to flourish.

Mice Population Still Rising In Brisbane

Wherever humans live, so do rodents, and they may be closer than you think. An older study wrote that if you’re in Brisbane, you’re probably only 10 metres away from a rat at any given time. Not the most comforting statistic.

Dr Luke Leung, an associate professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, said that Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate is perfect for rodents. The heatmap on the online tool Mouse Alert shows the Queensland capital is quite the hotspot for rodent activity. Still, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Heat map of Australia for rat and rodent sightings

As Brisbane develops, more resources and waste become available for rodents. It’s common for a rise in pest numbers when the human population grows. Experts advise that you patch any holes in your home immediately to ensure it is protected. You should also have a regular pest inspection each year to ensure your home is protected.

Spot a Rat? Call Cure-All 

Thousands of Brisbanians spot rodents in their homes each year! Rats and mice carry disease and can do a lot of structural damage to your property. If you spot signs of rodent infestation, don’t wait to call Cure-All Pest Control. Our expert team will solve your pest problem and make sure your family is safe all year round! Contact us today.