What Pests Are Most Common In Brisbane City

What Pests Are Most Common In Brisbane City
March 1, 2022 Cure All Pest Control

Australia is known for being the land of creepy crawlies and some of the most dangerous, and just plain annoying ones at that. Here in Brisbane, we’re blessed with a beautiful tropical climate. The only downside? Bugs love it too! Brisbane is almost the perfect breeding ground for several types of critters, and you’re not really safe no matter where you are. Yes, low-set homeowners and high-rise city slickers alike are likely to experience the perils of a bug infestation at some point in their lives – probably multiple times. So, when that happens, give Cure-All Pest Control a call. Until then, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common pests in Brisbane City, and how you can try and prevent them from getting into your home. Read on to learn more.


man worried about cockroaches in his home

A list of Brisbane’s most common pests has to start with cockroaches. They say at the end of the world there will be plastic and cockroaches, and that’s because their eggs are actually damn-near indestructible (as they are naturally protected from pesticides). As nocturnal creatures, it’s hard to tell there even is a cockroach infestation during the day. And at night, your home is the perfect breeding ground due to its warmth and water supply. These sickly creatures have been known to crawl in through shower drains – so, don’t think you’re exempt simply because you live in a 20-storey apartment.


a large spider crawling around a city house

If you live at the top of a skyscraper, you may be wondering “How would spiders get up here”. We often think high-rises are sterile environments that pests can’t reach, or have no reason to try. However, they are actually very attractive to insects and are surrounded by them.

Where there are insects, there are spiders to munch on them. These arachnids aren’t being brought in with your groceries like roaches, ants or moths (well not always) – They’re flying! Well, not exactly flying, but close. Spiders, especially small baby ones do what’s called ‘ballooning’ where they let out a little bit of silk and chase air currents to high locations. Otherwise, you may have accidentally brought one up in a bag or in some furniture you just purchased.


moth crawling on pink fabric

Moths – whether they are pantry or clothing moths – have a tendency to work their way into your cupboards and it’s often hard to remove them after that. They do so by burying into your groceries, pockets, bags, and even shoes. Once they’re inside the home, almost anything is food to them. That woollen jumper your grandma passed on? Or the big bag of rice you thought would save you money? Both of these things are the perfect feeding ground for moths. We’re not saying you need to throw out a family heirloom, but it’s best to keep these items sealed in case an infestation breaks out.


mouse chewing on power cable

Mice, among other rodents, are some of the most destructive pests that you can have in Brisbane city. Especially in those outer suburbs that back onto forests, such as The Gap or Tarragindi. Mice breed in large quantities in a very short amount of time, and are not only known to carry disease – but also cause physical damage to the structure of your home. Mice are wiser than most pests, and are pretty savvy when it comes to handheld bait traps – and they can get in through the smallest cracks in window sills, flooring and through pipes. Yikes!


Pest birds sitting on a balcony

Most of the pests we’ve listed have to do some stealthy manoeuvres to reach your high-rise home, but for birds your balcony just looks like a nice perch for them. Birds are considered pests for different reasons than insects or rodents. They don’t often cause damage to the inside of your house, but they can make any outdoor space pretty gross.

Droppings make an area unhygienic, they also are acidic and can damage paint or materials over time and it can also be what attracts other pests. Birds are known to congregate, so you will rarely only deal with one. If you need to shoo away a group of birds each morning you may also suffer from a high cleaning and maintenance cost to repair defacement by dropping nesting materials, lack of sleep from noise, corrosion of metal parts because of droppings and many more negatives.


Ants swarm an unattended bowl

When we tell people stories about pest stories in skyscrapers, their first reaction tends to be “how’d they get there”. Truth is they’re most certainly not climbing, at least not on the outside. Ants are a stubborn pest that we see quite frequently in high-rises and one that always raises a few eyebrows.

Don’t expect to spot a trail of them going from your window all the way to the floor, because their nest is probably much closer than you think. As far as how they got there originally? Well, you probably brought them inadvertently. They can be carried in with groceries, furniture or even in your bag that you only put on the ground for a second. Ants also have flying varieties that can be carried on the wind and as luck would have it, landed on our window or balcony.


Last of all, the infamous termite. We all know what they are, and we know how destructive they can be. While those in wooden homes set to the ground are the most susceptible to this type of pest, basically anyone with wooden features in their home can suffer a termite infestation. These infestations can host a magnitude of problems – from damage to the home to triggering allergies, and in some cases, termites have even been known to bite humans (and their bites are nasty, let us tell you now!). While termites are often unseen until they start causing serious damage, there are a number of signs you can look out for such as mud tubes and cracked paint. If you notice any of these, it’s best to seek help from a qualified pest control technician right away.

So, there you have it. Here are some of the most common pests in Brisbane City, and how they are getting into your home – regardless of whether you live in a low-set home near the forest or a high-rise city apartment. For pest control solutions, call Cure-All Pest Control on (07) 3349 8572 and we’ll send one of our friendly crew members out as soon as possible.