Why Cockroaches Infest Your Home, and How Pest Control Helps

Why Cockroaches Infest Your Home, and How Brisbane Pest Control Helps
July 16, 2017 Cure All Pest Control

If you have a cockroach infestation then there’s good news and bad news on the subject.

The bad news is a cockroach infestation can be difficult to diminish with do-it-yourself sprays and pest products. Once they get a foothold, cockroaches are rapid breeders and can turn into large numbers in just a few weeks. The good news is there are things you can do around your home to prevent an infestation and if they don’t work, cockroach pest control can help.

Why My Property?

Cockroaches aren’t fussy about where they hang out; even if your home is scrupulously clean it can still be at risk from a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches will enter your home through any cracks or crevices looking for food, water and shelter. They’ll eat almost any organic food matter and they don’t mind travelling by land or air to find it.

Ants leave invisible chemical trails which can be followed by cockroaches who also deposit their own faeces trails for other cockroaches to follow. More than likely the end of the trail will be your kitchen pantry. Cockroaches are nocturnal and usually hideout in dark, humid places during the day and forage for food and water at night.

The German Cockroach is most likely to be the species that will infest your home, as it affects nearly every region of Australia. A persistent interloper, the German Cockroach will contaminate food and food handling areas with faeces, regurgitation marks, cast off skins, odours and more.

What You Can Do

If you sight evidence of cockroach activity (e.g. live or dead cockroaches, their droppings or egg cases) in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or around appliances you can employ some cockroach control techniques listed below. While they may not stop cockroaches completely, it’ll help until you can get a professional cockroach treatment for your home.

  • Reduce the food source – practice good cleaning practices by removing scraps, storing leftovers in the fridge, cleaning bench tops and appliances; seal rubbish bins well.
  • Remove water – check for leaking taps in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas. Keep condensation to a minimum with good ventilation.
  • Seal cracks and crevices – check for openings in the bathroom, pantry and kitchen cupboards, splashbacks and tiles, seal with an appropriate filler.

Why You Need Pest Control

While the techniques above can help reduce the occurrence of one or two cockroaches, if you have continued sightings of mature and juvenile cockroaches, this is a good sign they are breeding in or around your home. Apart from feasting on your leftovers and infiltrating your pantry goods, cockroaches can carry and spread diseases. At the lesser end of the scale you have diseases such as dysentery and diarrhea, but more serious diseases also include: typhoid, gastroenteritis and salmonella.

For this reason you should not leave a cockroach infestation unattended as it can quickly get out of control. Cure All offers a cockroach treatment programme to eliminate a particular species of cockroach from your home. We use a range of methods including, liquid residual sprays, dusts and gels designed to stop cockroaches in their tracks, we also guarantee that you’ll be cockroach free for 12 months. Call us today for a quote.