What to Do When Problem Birds Become a Nuisance

What to Do When Problem Birds Become a Nuisance around Brisbane
July 8, 2017 Cure All Pest Control

Are you dealing with badly behaved birds? Whether it’s pigeons, starlings, miners or swallows, you don’t have to put up with the disruptive activities of birds. Especially when it comes to fouling, noise, stopped up gutters or damage to your property. There are lots of methods of bird exclusion; it just depends if you’re after a short-term or permanent solution.


The key offenders

Many pest birds such as pigeons, sparrows, mynas and starlings move in flocks, which can become a problem if they’re congregating on your roof, constructing nests in gutters and fouling window ledges.

The advantages of consulting with a professional

An inspector will carefully assess the property and take into consideration a range of factors which may affect or require certain systems to be put in place. For example, if your property offers an ideal nesting spot for birds with overhanging trees, an accessible roof cavity and readily available food and water, then several methods may need to be used to gain control.

Methods of birds exclusion

Short term

There are several effective short-term exclusion methods which can be carried out regularly, or when needed, to reduce or control bird populations before installing a permanent exclusion system. These include:

  • baiting,
  • trapping, and
  • shooting.

However, it’s always best to hire a professional who knows, and will comply with, the local council regulations.

Long term

Non-chemical means of permanently excluding birds can be a better solution for controlling large bird populations. These methods do not  involve poison bait or euthanization. Every situation is different and therefore will require professional consultation to come up with the best solution.

Spikes that are longer than birds’ legs are an effective method for window ledges, roofs, tops of walls or anywhere you don’t want birds to land, roost and foul. Bird droppings not only look unsightly but can cause major damage as the acid eats away at concrete.

Sprung wire, an almost invisible spring-tensioned stainless steel wire, is ideal for parapets so birds can’t get a firm footing and have to fly away. Netting and mesh placed on building facades and under roof eaves also have the same effect.

A more intensive method for real problem birds is the use of an electric shock system on buildings. This gives birds a small fright to discourage them from landing there over time.

If you are based in Brisbane and looking for bird control, then give Cure All a call, we can provide all these bird exclusion methods to reduce or get rid of problem birds.