The Flea Pyramid

The Flea Pyramid
January 11, 2017 Cure All Pest Control

Fleas work FAST! A female flea will hatch approximately 20 eggs within a few hours of emerging from its cocoon and feeding on its host. Find out how to exterminate both fleas and their eggs from your home!

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An abundance of eggs

Surprisingly, adult fleas only make up about 5% of those present in your home. Fleas are most numerous in their egg form as female fleas have the ability to lay large quantities of eggs in record time!

Even though fleas lay eggs on their host, namely, your furry household pet, many of them end up around your house and yard. This is because flea eggs are not sticky like other insect eggs. They will fall off your pet when they shake their fur or even simply while they’re walking or brushing up against furniture. So if you have an indoors pet, flea eggs could end up EVERYWHERE! Not to mention, they’re tinier than a grain of sand – impossible to see unless you’re crawling around with a magnifying glass!

Hot weather propels the flea lifecycle

Even more concerning for Queenslanders, humid weather speeds up the time it takes flea eggs to hatch and larvae to emerge.

Persistent pupae

Flea cocoons are incredibly durable even though they only make up about 10% of the flea population in an average household. Fleas will typically emerge from their cocoons within 8-12 days, however, if conditions aren’t optimal, the cocoons can protect the pupae for up to a year! That means dormant fleas could be hiding away in your home for up to 12 months! Even worse, flea cocoons are sticky and can really embed themselves in your carpet, making light vacuuming futile in sucking them up.

This is why having a yearly pest inspection and flea treatment is strongly recommended to get rid of those fleas for good!

Giving fleas the flick

Getting rid of fleas isn’t just a matter of shampooing your pooch and washing their bedclothes. Flea eggs will enter your home via your pet, and the larvae will burrow themselves deep into your carpet and furniture. To ensure you’re getting rid of all fleas, their eggs and cocoons, you will need to get a qualified pest exterminator into your home to carry out chemical treatments. These chemicals will not harm your family or your pets, but will knock fleas dead!

Don’t suffer the discomfort of flea bites; call Cure All today to arrange flea treatment from $110!