Termite Control Ipswich: Yearly Termite Inspections Saves Homes

Termite Control Ipswich: Yearly Termite Inspections Saves Homes
July 3, 2018 Cure All Pest Control

Horror stories about homes ravaged by termite infestations constantly flood news headlines making you thank your lucky stars it hasn’t happened to you. But the truth is, it can happen to anyone, at any time. Ipswich homes, in particular, are far from safe when it comes to termite infestation. This is because of their proximity to dense bushland which is known as a high risk area for termites.

Keep reading to find out how to protect your Ipswich property.

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Don’t become another statistic!

Unfortunately, one in every three Queensland homes are infested by termites each year. A termite infestation can cause damage to your home which could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. The team here at Cure All highly recommend business and homeowners in Ipswich conduct a yearly termite inspection to prevent devastating termite infestations.

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The good news

Termites can be very difficult to exterminate if the infestation is large enough. The good news is that termites are very easy to manage and keep at bay with the right precautionary measures in place. One of those measures is hiring a termite controller to create a deterrent around the perimeter of your home. The team at Cure All specialises in termite control and use a four-step termite treatment process to ensure your home is safe from termites.

The Four Step Termite Treatment Process

1. Assess and recommend

First of all, our team will carry out a termite assessment to evaluate the problem and determine which treatment will deliver the most effective results.

2. Inspection and treatment of active termites

Secondly, our team of experts will perform a full termite inspection with damage assessment and extensive investigation. Once the inspection has been executed, our team will present you with the first stage of our treatment plan which involves the treatment of the immediate infestation to rid your home of termites.

3. Create a management system for protection

The third part of our treatment plan is directed at long-term control of termites in your Ipswich home. This procedure will ensure your home is cured of the existing termite problem and will also protect your home from any future infestations.

4. Follow-up

Once we have completed steps 1-3, we will follow up with you and assess the effectiveness of the treatment program. From that assessment, our team will analyse the results and perform further follow-up inspections, if necessary.

What do I do if I spot a termite infestation?

If you happen to spot termite activity or mudding try not to disturb the area. Termites are highly sensitive to light and vibrations, so call a termite control professional immediately. Any disruption could cause termites to seal off their tunnels and move to another area of your Ipswich home, which could cause more damage and cost you more money.

Is it time you’ve had your Ipswich home inspected for termites? To ensure your Ipswich property doesn’t fall victim to termites, we recommend a yearly inspection. Call Cure All today and leave termite extermination up to the professionals!