Dusting Ɩ Cure All Pest Control Ɩ Brisbane

At Cure All Pest Control, dusting is not typically a termite treatment method that we encourage our pest control professionals to use. However, we also understand that as the homeowner you are part of the decision process when it comes to treating termites in your home, and as such, termite dust can be applied on request.

The dusting process is a part of Stage 2 in our Four-Step Approach to termite treatment in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast areas.

Termatrac is used to find the areas of the home that are currently infested with termites.

Our Four-Step Approach to ridding your home of termites involves:

1.  Assessment and recommendation

We evaluate the immediate termite problem and recommend a treatment plan.

2.  Inspection and treatment of active termites

We conduct a full inspection and treat any active termite areas to ensure no further damage is caused.

3.  Creating a treatment zone for protection 

We lay down a long-term chemical treatment zone to protect your property from future termite attack.

4.  Follow-up check

We assess the effectiveness of the treatment plan and perform further follow-up inspections if necessary.

How is Dusting performed?

Dusting is performed by drilling small holes into termite infested areas or into termite mudding tracks, where dust is then applied into the workings through the holes by means of a small puffer and the holes covered to re-seal the workings and to prevent dust escaping.

At Cure All Pest Control we understand that every termite job is different, and as such we often utilise other different methods of executing termite treatment in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast areas, such as:

Each method of termite treatment in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast areas has different styles of application as well as a different chemical composition, meaning that no matter what your situation is, we will have a ready solution.

What are the different types of dust?

Termidor Dust
Termidor Dust is non-repellent and is 95.5% food alpha cellulose, which is the same material used as the food source in most of the termite bait systems. The termites will go about their normal activities long enough to transfer the Termidor Dust to numerous other unsuspecting termites, until it is spread throughout the colony. Multiple dustings may be necessary to sufficiently execute our termite treatment.

Arsenic Trioxide
Arsenic Trioxide is used to treat a termite infestation by introducing a fine coating of arsenic dust into the interior of active termite workings. The dust adheres to the bodies of the termites in the workings and as they return to the colony, they will pass the dust on to other termites in the colony when grooming other termites. It takes between 10 and 20 days for this part of the treatment to take full effect. It is important that termite activity is not disturbed prior to or after this part of the treatment for it to have full effect.