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Dusting or Foaming Treatments

At Cure All Pest Control we understand that when it comes to termite control in Ipswich, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, your biggest concern is the protection of your property and so through our Dusting or Foaming treatments, we aim to ensure that no further damage is caused to your home. Dusting or Foaming is designed to treat the immediate termite problem and is carried out during the second step of our Four-Step Approach to rid your home of termites.

Our Four-Step Approach is:

1.  Assess and recommend

We evaluate the immediate termite problem and recommend a treatment plan.

2.  Inspection and treatment of active termites

We conduct a full inspection and treat any active termite areas to ensure no further damage is caused.

3.  Create a barrier for protection 

We lay down a long-term chemical barrier to protect your property from future termite attack.

4.  Follow-up check

We assess the effectiveness of the treatment plan and perform further follow-up inspections if necessary.

Watch the video below to see treatment of active termites during a follow-up inspection.

How does Dusting or Foaming protect my home?

Dusting or Foaming termites is an immediate short-term solution to your termite problem. The termiticide contained within the dust or foam is designed to instantly neutralise any termites it comes into contact with, effectively halting the termite activity in your home. Dusting or Foaming is most effective when used in conjunction with a chemical barrier, as treatment of the immediate infestation is not a guarantee that the termite threat is removed. Laying a chemical barrier down in the soil around your home is the only way to ensure that the different entry points to your home are protected from further termite activity.