Do I Need A Building & Pest Inspection?

Do I Need A Building & Pest Inspection?
October 21, 2021 Cure All Pest Control

Buying or selling a home or investment property is a major investment – probably one of the biggest ones most Aussie’s will ever make.

It’s an exciting, stressful and often tumultuous time with plenty of highs and lows. Most people buying or selling a home feel their to-do list is never-ending. One of the most important tasks to check off before you sell or buy is the pest and building inspection. Completing this can save you a great deal of unnecessary stress and wasted money. Read on to learn the many reasons you should always have a combined pest and building inspection performed when you buy or sell.

Pest & Building Inspections Save You Money

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Getting your pest and building inspection done can save you lots of money. Ironically, one of the biggest reasons prospective buyers don’t complete a pest and building inspection is because they think it’s an added, unnecessary expense. This can land them in a pretty tricky situation in the future if they detect an issue after buying.

Investing in a pest and building inspection may actually be the best decision you make before buying. For sellers, you can use a completed pest and building inspection to bolster the value of your home and put prospective buyers at ease. This may allow you to sell much faster than if you had not completed the pest and building inspection.

For the buyer, you can also save a considerable amount if you opt to have the pest and building inspection completed before you buy. If the authorised pest and building inspector notices any issues with the building or with pests, the buyer can negotiate with the seller, by either having them drop the price to accommodate for the repairs that need to be paid for or by having them pay for half of all of the repairs to get the sale over the line.

By identifying problems early, you’ll also save plenty of money by getting on top of any problems before they worsen and become more costly.

No Nasty Surprises – You Know Your Property!

As well as saving money down the track, getting your pest and building inspection completed before you buy your new house means you are making an informed decision. Unfortunately, everyday buyers simply do not have the knowledge or expertise to know if there is an issue with their property. It needs to be done by a professional. Also, perhaps more concerningly, sellers will often try to hide any minor and even major defects with their property to make the house or building more attractive to prospective buyers. You simply won’t be able to gauge whether there is a pest infestation, ceiling or wall problems or water damage without a professional’s help.

With a pest and building inspection, you are provided with a complete comprehensive overview of the state of your home. You can rest assured that you’ll be made aware of any hidden issues.

The Resale Value of the Property Will Increase

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The value of a property is strongly impacted by its condition. A home that’s crawling with problems will be valued at a far lower price than one that has been regularly and routinely maintained. When sellers choose to get a building and pest inspection done, they can increase the value of their home by a lot. Plus, your home will likely sell much faster if buyers can rest assured the pest and building inspection has already been completed.

Get Two Jobs Done At Once

Combined pest and building inspections get two jobs done at once. Only with a combined pest and building inspection will you have a comprehensive assessment of the property. Building inspectors alone only report on the structural safety hazards and defects. While these are critical issues to be aware of, you also need to be fully aware of any pest issues occurring in or on the property. A professional pest inspection will determine whether there are any pest infestations, such as hazardous termites, ants, cockroaches, flies, rats and other pests, by picking up on any signs that may have flown under your radar.

A Pest & Building Inspection Protects Your Health

A pest infestation can, of course, be costly. Fixing a termite problem down the track – when you could have fixed it before purchasing the property – is not ideal. But living among a pest infestation can also cause significant damage to your health, as pests carry several diseases. On top of that, their droppings can trigger health conditions like asthma and hayfever. Completing a pest and building inspection before you buy empowers you as a buyer. You can either opt to have the issues fixed before you move in, or alternatively if the issues detected are too major, you have the agency to walk away.

Yes, you do need a pest and building inspection

So, if you have asked yourself if you should get a building and pest inspection, the answer is yes! For financial security, health and peace of mind, a buyer or seller is always best off getting their pest and building inspection completed. Fortunately, at Cure All Pest Control, we provide trusted combined pest and building inspections across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich. Enquire today by calling us on (07) 3349 8572 or email us here.