Termites & Your Health: What You Need To Know

Termites & Your Health: What You Need To Know
September 20, 2021 Cure All Pest Control

Residents are already aware that left unchecked, termites can impact their home’s structural integrity. But what many people frequently overlook is the potential impact termites can have on our health.

Generally, termites will have limited harmful effects on human’s health. This is because termites’ goal is to find food and water sources to maintain a strong, thriving colony. In terms of stinging humans, this is rare for termites. However, their sting will cause extreme pain, swelling of tissues, and uncomfortable itching when they do. This can cause further damage if the sting triggers allergies. It’s often advised that if a termite bite occurs, the affected individual pays a visit to their GP.

Outside of termite stings, there are some more common health threats of termites.


Asthma is a typical health condition associated with termite infestation. When termites continuously decompose wood, this can lead to mould. As many asthma sufferers know, mould is a common trigger for symptoms. This is because mould produces spores that are released into the air. These spores then settle on human skin, or they enter our bodies when we breathe. Inhaling these mould spores can cause very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous asthma symptoms. Aside from asthma, these airborne mould spores can cause coughing, migraine, runny nose and conjunctivitis.

It is important to note that children are particularly vulnerable to mould, especially those children with weakened immune systems. This is because their immature organisms are highly exposed to the effects of mould spores. In the most severe cases, mould exposure in vulnerable children can cause lifelong health issues.

Respiratory illnesses

Similarly to asthma, mould caused by termite infestation can trigger other respiratory illnesses. People who suffer from chronic lung conditions, such as lung disease, and other immunocompromised individuals, can risk contracting serious infection when exposed to mould.

Contact dermatitis

Termite excretions, known as frass or poop, can be harmful to human’s health. Termite frass is wood coloured. When it contacts the skin it can result in contact dermatitis. This condition is a skin reaction that results from exposure to irritants or allergens. Contact dermatitis may cause blistering, cracking of dry skin, swelling, open sores that cause crusts and more. If the termite frass causes an allergic reaction, triggering contact dermatitis, the symptoms can be worse. Contact dermatitis triggered by an allergic reaction can result in dry, scaly skin, skin redness, skin that burns, oozing blisters, extreme itching and more. This rash is also limited to certain areas of the skin and will display clearly defined borders. It’s safe to say it’s not the most comfortable condition to have!


Perhaps one of the most notorious health impacts of a termite infestation is anxiety. Residents naturally experience strong feelings of loss of control in the case of termite infestations. People will feel intimidated, powerless and even defeated when an army of termites are eating away at their home – the one place where they should feel safe and secure.

Of course, termites can cause anxiety even without physical signs of an infestation. Many homeowners and renters understand they may have a termite infestation at any time, even if they don’t spot the signs themselves. Fortunately, as long as they are completing regular termite inspections, residents can rest assured they are safe from termites.

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Cure All Pest Control understands that termite inspections need to alleviate any termite infestations and prevent any from occurring in the future. We employ a four-step approach to eliminate termites:

  1. Assess and recommend
  2. Inspection and treatment of active termites
  3. Create a management system for protection
  4. Follow-up check

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