Deep Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Deep Cleaning Tips for Your Home
April 1, 2015 Cure All Pest Control


Deep Cleaning Tips

for Your Home

There are certain times when you want your home to look its absolute best, such as when you’re about to put it on the market or having guests to stay, or you may just feel it needs a jolly good scrub. There’s no time like the present to chase the cobwebs away – a clean home is a healthy home in our books. These deep cleaning tips will ensure you get into all the nooks and crannies and leave your home looking and feeling spotless.


Start from the outside by cleaning the windows. This means inside and out plus any window dressings, such as blinds, curtains or window screens. By cleaning the windows first you’ll be more inclined to clean the rest of the house. It’s tempting to leave them to the end and then put it off.

Corners and crevices

There are many spots that get overlooked in a weekly clean, so now’s the time to tackle them head on. Start with dusting the tops of cabinets and tall furniture and then get in behind items that are usually not moved to clean out cobwebs, dust and fallen objects. Don’t forget ceiling fans, range hoods and light fixtures. It’s time for cobwebs lurking in the corner to take a hike.


Greasy fingerprints can easily get overlooked on door frames, doors, light switches, skirting boards and cabinets. Wipe them all down to get them looking their best, concentrating on any stubborn spots with a bit of elbow power.

Living Area

Dust furniture, knick knacks, TV, DVD player and any other dust collecting items. Sofas and upholstered chairs need moving aside and vacuuming to pick up crumbs, dirt and pet hair. Take off cushions and remove any rugs and mats, give them a good vacuum or pummel them outside to remove dust. Vacuum around the skirting boards.


Declutter wardrobes and get rid of any old clothes. Clean the inside of dresser drawers and strip the bed linen from the beds. Vacuum mattresses and turn over and do the other side. Let mattresses aerate before making with fresh linen.


This is the room most likely to carry germs so it needs extra special attention with antibacterial cleaners and anti mould products. Cleaning cloths used here shouldn’t be used for other areas of the house. Remove all items from the shower caddy and clean off all soap residue, wipe down shower walls and remove scale build up from the shower head. Don’t forget to clean out the shower plug. Then clean sinks, bathtub and toilet, make the faucets shine and give the mirror a clean with window cleaner. If there is mould then you’ll need to spray the area with a mould remover, leave to penetrate and clean the area again.


Wipe down sink, bench tops, refrigerator and microwave (clean out any food spills in here). Use a caustic oven cleaner like Mr Muscle to ensure grease and spills are lifted effectively, you will need to wear gloves and mask. Clean out the fridge with washing up detergent and water, don’t use chemical cleaners. Get rid of outdated food and empty packets from the pantry and cupboards. Wipe down with antibacterial spray. Vacuum in hidden spots to suck out old food. Finally mop the floor.

It might take you several days to deep clean your house but the end results will be well worth it, happy cleaning!