Can You Make Your Neighbour Pay for Pest Control?

Can You Make Your Neighbour Pay For Pest Control?
March 7, 2023 Cure All Pest Control

So you’re dealing with pests right now and think the root of the problem is stemming from your neighbour’s property. Can you make your neighbour pay for pest control services? The quick answer is no, but it is possible to work out an arrangement between you and any nearby property owners that you believe are contributing to the pest problem. If worst comes to worst, other actions are possible. 

This guide will look at the best action when dealing with your neighbour’s pest problem. We’ll examine who is responsible for bearing pest control costs and if and how landlords or city councils get involved in such matters. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of handling a neighbour’s pest problem and come away with some concrete steps to address the issue.

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Identify the Source of the Pests

If you’re dealing with pests and suspect your neighbour is the culprit, take a deep breath and assess the situation. Knowing the source of the pests — whether from your neighbour’s property or your own — can help you decide what to do next.

First, ensure that you have identified the type of pest you’re dealing with; if it’s a common household pest like ants, roaches, or insects, it could originate from either side. Things like termites, rodents or even birds tend to have larger bases and are more likely to start from a particular home and spread out. Investigate further to determine which property they are coming from, but don’t go snooping about where you’re not allowed. Under no circumstances are you allowed to enter another person’s property without their permission. 

Sometimes, it may be challenging to pin down one specific source. In these cases, consult a professional exterminator to inspect both properties and get an expert opinion. They will be able to identify the source of entry and provide guidance on resolving the problem. 


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Proximity to the affected house

When making your neighbour pay for pest control, one of the most important considerations is the proximity of your neighbour’s house or property to yours.

If there is a clear connection between the pest infestation in your home and the neighbouring property, then it stands to reason that your neighbour should take responsibility for the costs.

However, if the pests are travelling between both properties or there’s no apparent source of origin, it can be challenging to know who should foot the bill. In this case, consider splitting the cost with your neighbour. 


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Discussing the Issue With Your Neighbour

When it comes to pests, your first step should always be to talk with your neighbour. They may not even realise a problem in the first place, which could help facilitate a solution. Make sure to be polite and non-accusatory, so your neighbour doesn’t feel targeted. After all, you both have a common goal and maybe they simply need some assistance.

See if the neighbour is willing to engage in a discussion about the cause, mention what you’re already trying to do in order to reduce the problem, and suggest that each of you contact an exterminator to visit on a common date to deal with the problem holistically  

Your neighbour cannot be forced to pay for pest control, but you can work out an amicable agreement if your neighbour is willing to cooperate.

It’s important to remember that you need to approach your neighbour, not the landlord or property manager, about the pest problem. You can politely offer to split the cost of pest control with your neighbour, but they have the right to refuse, which you will have to accept. 

You also have other options available such as:

  • Asking your landlord or property manager for help or advice
  • Resolving the issue through mediation


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Can you report your neighbours to the council for their pest problem?

If you’ve tried everything and gotten nowhere, you may then consider filing a report to your council. Under the Public Health Act 2005 (Qld), a public health order may be issued when conditions caused by them are a risk to public health

“A public health risk includes something that is (or may become) the breeding ground, food source or home of a pest.” 

Will the council help with pest control? 

Most city councils will not offer pest control services to remove or manage pests from private property, unless it is, or may become a health concern or risk to neighbours. The council will however, manage pest and feral animal problems on Council owned land. 

How Apartment owners should deal with pests

If you live in an apartment complex, pest control may be handled by the building company or owner. You simply need to file a report about your pest problems and it is their responsibility to manage larger pest infestations. After all, reputation is important and they won’t want rumours of pest problems going around. You can also see if the body corporate will approach your neighbour and prompt them to take further pest control actions to ensure the issue does not occur again.


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Contact a pest control company to solve the issue.

Once you and your neighbour have come to an agreement, the next step is to contact a pest control company. Of course, you’ll want to ensure they are qualified, licensed and insured in your area since not all pest control companies are created equal.

Once you’ve found one that meets these criteria, then you can contact them so they can assess the issue. A professional pest service not only removes pests but prevents them from returning. A pest technician may impart advice to your neighbour so they know how to keep their property pest-free. 



Pest control is serious business, and disputes between neighbours over who is responsible for management can sometimes escalate into costly legal battles. If your neighbour doesn’t cooperate, your best options may include hiring a pest control professional to identify the source of the problem and then working with your neighbour to reach a mutual agreement on how to address the issue— regardless of whose property the pests are coming from.

The best way to avoid a conflict is to act quickly and take proactive steps to protect your property. If you’re regularly hearing or seeing signs of pests, be proactive and take the necessary steps to resolve the problem, such as contacting a professional pest control service. 

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