World Pest Day

World Pest Day
June 5, 2019 Cure All Pest Control

Most people wouldn’t even know World Pest Day exists, but we love anything related to pest control, which is why we’ve built our life’s work around it. World Pest Day takes place on June 6 every year and began back in 2017. It was initiated to raise awareness of the importance of pest control and how this sector benefits the communities wellbeing and protects public health. Giving the pest control industry a day to recognise their work is a step in the right direction to raise awareness about the BIG PROBLEMS that can come from seemingly small pests. Cure All Pest Control is proud to wave the professional pest control flag and we can’t wait for June 6!

Without the pest control industry, Australia would be in trouble. The pest control industry is responsible for helping native flora and fauna to thrive as well as the food industry to continue to provide healthy and disease free produce. Small pests can cause big problems, and World Pest Day promotes professional pest management as well as how the trade has evolved, scientifically, ethically and socially. Here are some of the biggest problems that these small pests can cause (and you might not even know these pests have made themselves at home inside your walls).

BIG PROBLEMS from small pests

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Asthma and Respiratory Diseases

It’s no secret that insect and rodent infestations aren’t just a pain, they’re detrimental to healthy living, especially for those already suffering from asthma and other allergies. Cockroach droppings and bodies are known to release a specific protein that has been scientifically proven to cause allergic reactions in individuals who are susceptible. This can lead to severe and even life-threatening attacks.

Mouse Typhoid/Duck Egg Disease

These two names are terms used to explain Salmonella, which is spread from mice to humans via the droppings of an infected mouse. A single mouse dropping has the potential to contain 100,000 salmonella cells, which is all the more reason to employ pest control services to make sure your home is pest free. This bacteria is not by any means new, it has just evolved in the way that it reaches humans (via chicken eggs, etc.)


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This infection is passed from rats to humans, and often the animal shows no outward signs of illness when it is infected with Leptospira bacteria. This infection is one that can cause people to be seriously unwell, with symptoms including high temperature, chills, headaches, vomiting, diarrhoea and nausea.

These are just a few of the many problems that the professional pest control industry plays a pivotal role in reducing and eradicating. World Pest Day shines a light on many of these vital roles that businesses such as ours play in protecting homes and families from these pesky pests. If you’d like to book in to have your house inspected or protected, contact Cure All Pest Control on (07) 3849 7980 or use our online contact form located here!