Warehouse Bird Proofing: Netting, Spikes, Removal & Shock Systems

Warehouse Bird Proofing: Netting, Spikes, Removal & Shock Systems
March 2, 2018 Cure All Pest Control
  • Birds that nest or gather around warehouses pose health risks and cause damage to property.
  • Nets, spikes, removal and shock systems are effective bird control solutions for warehouses.
  • Professional pest control can remove birds from your warehouse, facility or distribution centre.

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Bird lovers may question why anyone would want to exclude birds. But if you’re an operations manager for a factory, you’d know how expensive bird damage can be. Birds also carry a host of diseases that will quickly make your employees sick, so limiting exposure to nesting areas and bird droppings is essential for their health and safety.

Bird proofing your warehouse is effective when installed professionally.

  • Stop birds nesting around food products
  • Stop unsightly bird poop around communal areas
  • Protect exposed food production ingredients
  • Protect pallets of stock gathering bird droppings
  • Provide a safe work environment for staff

Bird Netting

The best bird control solution in most cases is netting. Bird netting creates a physical barrier to your warehouse’s windows, vents, and entrances. When you have birds nesting in the rafters or ceiling, installing netting means any resident birds will need to find a new home.

One of the best things about bird netting is it’s very low profile, and in many cases it’s practically invisible to the eye.

  • Stops birds roosting in the rafters
  • Creates a physical barrier at entry points
  • Establishes a bird-free zone in your facility

Bird Spikes

Maybe your warehouse is too open for netting, or you have a problem with pigeons roosting outside your facility. This is where bird spikes can be installed on ledges, roofing or chimneys.

For any factories with lots of outdoor equipment or loading docks, and businesses that involve food production, installing bird spikes can keep your perimeters clear of birds.

  • Effective bird deterrent for small birds
  • Low cost and easily maintained solutions
  • Wider spikes can be used to deter larger bird roosting

Bird Removal

Warehouses with existing bird problems might need a different solution. Bird removal is considered a short-term option; yes the bird is gone, but all that means is you’ve made room for another bird to move in. A more permanent solution should be looked at to stop the problem happening again.

There are three options for bird removal

  • Bird baiting involves capturing an immobilised bird to safely remove it from the site.
  • Bird trapping can be used where birds are not readily disrupted by other activities.
  • Where a bird is deemed to be a pest or vermin, bird shooting can be used as a final resort.

Bird Shock Systems

Similar to the electric fence, bird shock systems send a low-voltage static shock when a bird makes contact (although much weaker than the human static shock!). Birds zapped by this system quickly learn not to land there again.

Bird shock systems can be installed on ledges, pallets, pipes, canopies around your warehouse.

  • Creates a bird-free zone in your facility.
  • Birds get a small shock when then land.
  • Trains birds to not land where installed.

Which bird control is best for your warehouse?

We’ve found that all of the above solutions work. Choosing the best one for your businesses requires talking to a specialist bird control professional – only a professional bird expert with years of experience know how birds behave, and when and where each option works best.

Cure All Pest Control are the leading bird control professionals in Brisbane, working with major manufacturers and distribution facilities to keep their properties free of birds.

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