Termite Safe Garden Beds

Termite Safe Garden Beds
April 29, 2015 Cure All Pest Control

When it comes to termites, prevention is always better than cure. Ensuring your home is built with termite treatment zones that can be easily inspected is an essential factor in stopping termites from entering the house and causing damage.

Many people aren’t aware that their garden is the first port of call for termite infestation. Termites, being subterranean by nature, love moist soil and wood mulch, so gardens are their ideal environment for tunnelling activity and building nests.

If you live in a high-risk area, then it’s even more imperative that you make your garden beds termite proof. So what are some of the ways you can do this?

First of all check how far away your beds are from the house. Garden beds that are built up to the edge of the house are a problem, as you are providing the perfect nesting and tunnelling environment, especially if these are well-watered and mulched. If beds are a good distance away, say over two metres, then they are less able to provide hidden entry tunnels into the house.

If you do want to have raised garden beds then use only termite treated timber, concrete or brick wall blocks to line the beds. Keep up with plant maintenance and don’t let garden beds get overgrown or weed-choked as a termite problem can go undetected. If you use mulch, then switch to sugar cane mulch as it tends to stay drier than wood mulch and termites are not as attracted to the dry material.

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If you have garden beds you think are causing a termite problem or just need advice on the best location for your garden, don’t hesitate to call the White Ant Man today for expert help.