Keep the flies outside this summer: Methods for fly control

Keep the flies outside this summer: Methods for fly control
December 9, 2016 Cure All Pest Control

Flies are a nuisance at any time of year, but in summer it can feel like they’re invading your home in a serious way. Reaching for the household fly spray won’t work either as the hotter the temperature, the slower fly sprays work. Keep flies at bay by trying these methods.

We’ll cover some different gadgets designed to kill flies, but before you head out to stock up on them, here are some general tips for discouraging flies from hanging around your home.

  1. Be more vigilant about keeping your kitchen clean and free of food scraps and crumbs. We suggest using a small bin inside, that you empty regularly, and a larger, well sealed, rubbish and compost bin outside well away from the house.
  1. Keep your house well ventilated and the airflow moving around the house with fans to blow flies out where necessary.
  1. Fly screens are a permanent method of fly control for doors and windows, but they’re not cheap. In saying that, if you are particularly bothered by flies, they are the most effective solution. They’ll also help to keep the mozzies out.


Products for Fly Control

We mentioned why fly sprays aren’t very effective in keeping flies at bay during summer, and the environmentally-friendly fly sprays aren’t much better. In fact, a more effective natural solution is to have a pot of basil or lavender in the kitchen (if it’s sunny) or plant it outside. You could also put out some dishes of crushed mint leaves – flies hate the smell of these plants.

There are also alternative fly repellent products on the market that are safe to use. Check out some of the following.

Allure Fly Zapper

The Allure Fly Zapper uses UV light to attract flies to an electrical grid where they’re zapped and caught in a tray to empty at your leisure. Although fly zappers are not new, this one is more effective than most and can kill 140 flies in a two hour period.

Fly Light Glue Trap

The Fly Light Glue Trap also uses UV light to attract flies but, unlike the zapper is soundless, and uses a pheromone infused glue board to trap flies. As an added extra, its stylish design makes blend into your decor feature rather than stand out as a fly trap

Fly Killer Aura

Another UV device, the Fly Killer Aura works by attracting flies by ultraviolet tubes and trapping them on glue boards, pretty much the same as the Aura. The difference is that you can install it on a wall like a smoke detector and it’s quite discreet.


If you don’t like the thought of electrocuting or glueing insects, then you may prefer the Shooaway. Just switch it on and the rotating blades create a breeze to keep flies away. It uses two AA batteries so it’s cheap and effective, especially when you’re cooking and serving food. The blades are made of soft plastic, so there’s no danger of injuries, they simply stop when you place your hand near them.


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