Is Pest Control Safe for my Pet?

Is Pest Control Safe for my Pet?
August 12, 2016 Cure All Pest Control

The safety of your family pet is incredibly important. But getting rid of pests is also necessary for a healthy home. So how do you balance the two and is pest control harmful to your pets? We take a look at the impact of pest control on your pets:

At home DIY pest control

In Australia, all products undergo thorough testing and subsequently receive a package warning if necessary. Products will then be clearly specified with a label explaining what sort of caution should be taken when using them. Most products receive a CAUTION label with higher risk products receiving a POISON label. If a product does not have a warning, they generally represent a low risk to the consumer.
Regardless of the warning. Strict adhesion to instructions is important for your health and the health of your family and pets.
There are some products in particular that you must be extremely careful about using around your pets. One of these is rodenticide. This pest control is particularly harmful to cats and dogs as they may be attracted to it. Rodenticide is full of blood thinners which make the animal bleed internally before falling asleep and dying. Therefore, if eaten by a family pet, this pest control is usually lethal if not treated immediately. It may take a few days for the poison to take its course so there are some things you need to look out for including:
Is your animal weak and unstable?
Does it have a swollen stomach?
Is it having difficulty breathing?
Are its eyes bloodshot?
Regardless of whether you see these signs or not, if you suspect that your animal has eaten rodenticide, take it to the vet immediately.


Insecticide is at its most dangerous when it has just been sprayed. This means that as a liquid it can easily be absorbed through the skin of your pet. A simple solution for this is to keep your pet out of the area while insecticide is being sprayed. Along with this, all toys should be removed from the area. Furthermore, you also need to take extreme care when spraying around ponds as a little bit of insecticide is deadly for aquatic life — especially fish.

Professional pest control

At Cure All, your safety comes first. That’s why we only use products that have been extensively tested for safety. Our team of trained professionals will always conduct pest control with your family’s safety in mind.
Along with this, we will always provide you with a comprehensive safety brief if there are any areas which we think will require additional precaution after the pest control has occurred.
Our trained team can advise you on the most effective treatment that will cause the minimum impact on the environment and your family. In other words, we will work with the environment, not against it. And for you and your family, it means peace of mind.