Got Myna Birds?

Do you have a problem with Myna Birds?

Indian Myna birds are considered one of the most invasive and aggressive pests in Australia.  They pose a significant risk to native wildlife, family pets and your health.

A Cure All Myna Bird Trap is the proven solution to controlling these birds around your home.

What do you get?

Feed cage, holding cage, walk-in chambers, one way valve and springs, feed dishes, perch, assembly clips and full instructions

Cage Size: 400mm x 800mm x 800mm

Trap Features:

  • Feed and water dispensers
  • Solid roof
  • No sharp edges
  • A highly engineered 20 piece one-way valve
  • Collapsible trap allows for easy storage and transport once trapping is complete

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To learn more about these troublemakers, check out our Myna Bird Fact Sheet


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