How to Control Birds on your Property

How to Control Birds on your Property
November 15, 2019 Cure All Pest Control

Have birds taken over your property? Perhaps you have noticed an unusually high amount of droppings around your business? Or maybe a bird’s nest has blocked a drain on your home and caused water damage? From carrying disease to eroding buildings to the destruction of crops, there are endless reasons that you may want to get rid of a bird problem. Below we have explained the various kinds of issues caused by birds and how to prevent them:

What Damage Can Birds Do?

  • Cleaning and maintenance due to droppings and nesting materials
  • Hazards due to smell, disease and tripping over debris
  • Noise pollution
  • Loss of sales in business if packaging/product becomes contaminated
  • Corrosion of paint and metal surfaces caused by acid in droppings
  • Water damage from clogged drains
  • Landscaping and garden can become ruined
  • Ruining of crops
  • Cost of treatment for diseases which birds carry

Which Kind of Bird do You have?

Before you can deal with a bird infestation, you must identify which species of bird is on your property. Below are common species of birds which are considered pests:

Pigeons tend to gather in groups that are anywhere between 50 and 500 birds in size, meaning that a small problem can quickly become a big problem. The excrement of pigeons contains a fungus which will corrode building surfaces like sandstone and limestone.

These birds roost communally in large numbers during the night and will nest in cavities like holes in your roofing, outer walls or in your drain pipes.

House Sparrows
These birds will often create messy nests in homes and properties, creating an eyesore, whilst also contaminating their surroundings with building materials and droppings.

Gulls are often considered a pest because of their constant screeching causing noise pollution. The excrement of gulls can cause roofing to deteriorate, and their nests have been known to cause drain blockages

House Myna
The House Myna, also known as the Indian Myna, is known as one of the 100 most invasive species in the world. These birds often congregate in large, noisy flocks.

Various Methods of Bird Control

Bird Point
Bird Point is a kind of wire that can be attached to the edge of your roof, pillars, fences, ledges, beams or any surface where it will be convenient for a bird to land. The wire sits in a series of spikes and springs preventing the bird from landing.

Bird Netting
Bird Netting is a physical barrier which prevents birds from landing on a specific area or structure. Netting is particularly useful for keeping birds from your fruit trees and garden plants.

Bird Shock Systems
This is essentially a lower-energy version of an electric fence which is commonly used on farms. Proven to be both a successful and safe method of removal, the shock is memorable for the bird but doesn’t cause it actual pain. Instead, it teaches the birds to avoid a specific area or structure.

DIY Bird Removal vs. Professional Services
We don’t recommend attempting bird removal services yourself as it is a complicated problem which is difficult to resolve effectively and safely without the correct equipment and expertise. Queensland has strict legislation in place, which means that various species have to be removed or controlled using specific methods. Hiring a professional pest control company will have the following benefits:

  • Effective: Using professional services ensures that your bird problem will be fixed. Complete egg and nest removal will eliminate the issue by preventing adult birds from raising their young on your property and expanding the flock.
  • More humane: Trained professionals are experienced in the safe handling of pests and birds, and so they are capable of eliminating your bird problem in the most cruelty-free way possible.
  • Legal: The use of pest control services ensures that you don’t break the laws which protect a lot of birds in Queensland

Have birds become a major issue for you? Cure All Pest Control are experts in both residential bird control solutions and commercial bird exclusion systems. If you need help getting rid of birds or pests, call us on 07 3849 7980 to book an inspection or get in touch to organise a quote today!