4 Reasons Why you Need Year-Round Pest Control in Brisbane

4 Reasons Why you Need Year-Round Pest Control in Brisbane
July 27, 2020 Cure All Pest Control

We often get asked by our clients when the best time of year is to call pest control to your home or commercial premises, but the truth is that pests are just as much of a problem in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Different kinds of pests are prone to causing issues at different times of the year and unfortunately, some pests are blissfully unaware of what time of year it is and will prove themselves to be a menace all year round. Below are 4 reasons you should be implementing pest control in Brisbane during every season and preventing a costly infestation or severe damage to your property:

We have Year Round Heat

Unlike cities that get noticeably cooler during winter, like Melbourne or Sydney, Brisbane remains relatively warm all year round which means that mosquitoes can still occur which means that you can’t afford to let your guard down. Container-breeding mosquitoes, in particular, can become an issue in homes around Brisbane during winter because all they need is a waterlogged container to breed and most homes tend to have gutters, birdbaths, swimming pools or some other seemingly harmless nook or cranny.

Winter means Rodents

Many people think of pests as only being a summertime issue but in actual fact, it’s just as crucial that you protect your home or commercial space against mice and rats during winter. As the temperature drops, rodents will look for somewhere warm and cosy to set up for the winter, and unfortunately, that means they often set up their new house in our homes. Talk about taking the phrase ‘make yourself at home’ to a whole new level.

Some Pests Aren’t Affected by Season

A lot of pests aren’t even heavily impacted one way or the other by seasons, which means that you have to remain vigilant regardless of the weather or climate. Termites are a very common and destructive house pest which remain active all year long and some kinds of termites actually resort to burrowing deeper into the ground which means that, if you do have an infestation, the signs might actually be harder to spot. Besides termites, ants and cockroaches are another two examples of pests that won’t be deterred by any change in season.

It’s Good to Prepare

Often, though you may not be in ‘peak’ season for a specific pest, it can actually be more effective to spray before peak season in order to prevent pests from actually settling or breeding on your property in the first place. For example, if you’re concerned about a spike occurring in the number of mosquitoes on your property during summer, or if you’ve had to deal with a mosquito infestation in the past, then your best option is actually to implement pest control during spring in order to nip the problem in the bud early and prevent any potential issues from quickly spiralling out of control.

At Cure All, we have been providing pest control to Brisbane homeowners and property managers for over 50 years and we’ve definitely learned a thing or two about how the Queensland climate impacts pest levels. If you would like to enquire about pest controls services for your residential, commercial or construction site, get in touch with us today!