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    Do Cockroaches Deserve Their Reputation?

    The cockroach has a reputation for being one of the hardiest insects on the planet. A reputation that is well deserved, even though some of the ‘facts’ surrounding cockroaches are not true- like they would be the only survivor of a nuclear winter.

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    One Of Every Five Living Animal Species Is A Beetle

    As a human, it is pretty easy to think of ourselves as at the top on planet Earth. There are six billion of us and we live on every single continent. During our day we see hundreds if not thousands of other humans and we live in countries made up of millions of us. Not only that, but we always talk about ourselves like we are top dog. Like we have won the evolutionary race.

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    The Cochineal Insect

    Quite often it pays not to think of what is in an end product. When we buy things, be they food, cosmetics or any one of the other thousands of products out there, they are nicely packaged and have just popped out of the factory. However, they are often made from some pretty interesting things.

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    Environmentally Friendly Treatments for Summer Garden Pests

    Rest assured, we are always just a phone call away whenever you might need help with an infestation of household pests. But what happens when you encounter a smaller quantity of unwelcome garden pests? While they’re not posing a detrimental hazard to your inside living area, they are still causing havoc in the garden – and quite frankly, you’d just prefer to not have them around. So what do you do?

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    5 Myths About Cockroaches

    Of all the pests, the cockroach seems to be the one that attracts the most rumour and mythology. Let’s clear the air, let’s dispel the untruths that surround this creature.

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    Mosquitoes and Your Blood

    Vampire stories are all the rage now and most of the new generation of blood suckers are not scary demons but cool and misunderstood creatures. This new slant on bloodsucking doesn’t apply to mosquitoes, who are still as loathed and despised as ever, and for good reason.

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    Why Do Magpies Swoop?

    Magpies are really annoying when they swoop, and there are a lot of different explanations about why they swoop. So which one is true, why do magpies really swoop?

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    Protect Yourself from Bedbugs When Travelling

    Whether you are staying in a self-catering chalet, or a 5-star hotel, bedbugs live everywhere – even in the airplane, taxi, bus or train that you may travel in to reach your destination.

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    Spring Cleaning Your Home

    Now is the ideal time to give your home a dramatic clean. Clear out all the unused clutter, donate old clothes to charity and make sure that your home is free from stored dust, old spider webs and unwanted pests.

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