What Pets Can Get Fleas?

Fleas are an eternal pain and as a good pet owner you need to be aware of whether your pet can get fleas or not. Generally speaking, if your pet has fur or feathers, they can get fleas. The reason for this is that fleas thrive in warm moist environments, the type of environment that fur and feathers provide.

The most common type of flea is called the cat flea, although it is perfectly capable of living on cats, dogs, humans, most other mammals and many birds. However, the rate of bird infestation is only five percent, with the other ninety five percent of infestations occurring on mammals. Because the same type of flea can live on pretty much all mammals and most birds, if one of your pets has fleas then you should treat all of your pets for fleas, even if they do not come in direct contact.

Remember that not all animals can be treated with the same medication. For example, you should not use any pyrethrin treatments on rabbits or gerbils as it is not safe. If you are in doubt as to how to treat your pet then get in touch with CureAll Pest Control. Don’t leave your pets to suffer the pain of flea infestation.

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