Top 10 myths about bed bugs #2

Bed bugs used to be something we only knew about through nursery rhymes. Unfortunately, in the past decade or so they have made a comeback, going from mythical bogeyman to irritating reality. However, while they have encroached on our lives in a very real way, many of the myths surrounding them still exist. This two part series is aimed at exploding those myths and exposing the reality of these annoying creatures. Here is part one of the top ten myths about bed bugs.

  1. Bed bugs like unsanitary houses: bed bugs are not that fussy, they will infest anywhere from a hovel to a five star hotel. Generally though, a bed bug infestation will explode in a hovel and be controlled in a hotel, making them more obvious in a hovel.
  2. Bed bugs move about on humans: bed bugs do not like our body heat and do not like to remain on people for any extended period of time.
  3. Bed bugs can transmit disease: while bed bug bites can lead to infection and irritation, there has never been any cases of them transmitting diseases to humans.
  4. DDT will kill them for good: in fact, by the time DDT was banned, most bed bugs were resistant to it, making it useless against them.
  5. You can spray them: bed bugs are actually resistant to most sprays, meaning that to get rid of them requires professional intervention.

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