The Menace That Is Silverfish

Silverfish are a real pain, they eat starches and sugars that are used in many household products, like books, and destroy them. They love to hang out in dark, moist places and come out to destroy your possessions at night. Did you know that there are 28 species of silverfish in Australia? Every single one is out to get your favourite books, the varmints love to chew on Chekov, snack on Shakespeare and munch on Marlowe.

Lucky for you there are some easy things you can do to limit the damage done by silverfish. First up, you need to give Cureall Pest Control a call and we will come around and use the latest in liquid sprays and dusts to eliminate your silverfish problem. We cleared many homes of silverfish and we’re happy to help you, anytime, anyplace.

Once we have gotten rid of them for you, then all you need to do to prevent their return is see if there are any sources of extra moisture that you can fix as they don’t like living in dry environments. If possible, you should use a dehumidifier as this will put them off occupying your home. Also, you should vacuum all the cracks and crevices around your house as this is where they lurk most of the time.

Protect your books, call Cureall Pest Control.

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