The important role of a bat

We sure have enough bats in Australia, you only have to look across the skyline in Sydney at dusk to realise how many bats there are here, even in the big cities. They really are quite an interesting and unique animal. They are the only mammal capable of sustained flight and they use echolocation similar to a dolphin to find their way around. They also play an important role in the wider ecosystem.

Like bees and birds, bats help with pollination. Pollination is such a fundamentally vital part of life on Earth, even if it is often misunderstood and underappreciated by most people. Without pollination, most of the life on Earth would grind to a holt. Humanity would cease to exist.

Bats, birds and bees all help to carry pollen between plants, which allows them to breed. While birds and bees are well known in this role, bats also play a big part in this, especially here in Australia where there are so many of them. Without bat pollination we would be in a lot of trouble here. The thing with bats is the help with genetic diversity as they are able to take the pollen over much longer distances than all bees and many birds, meaning that plants are able to exchange genetic information and maintain viability.

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