Termidor Barrier Ɩ Cure All Pest Control Ɩ Brisbane

At Cure All Pest Control, we know that chemical barriers are essential to any long term termite protection plan. Often when we perform a termite inspection on a home, we discover active termites which must be treated immediately to prevent any further damage to your home. In order to achieve long term termite control however, we need to take further steps to ensure that your home is protected from any future termite attacks. This is achieved through external chemical barriers laid down in the soil surrounding your home as well as any other potential termite entry points.

Termidor Termiticide

Termidors active ingredient is Fipronil and is a non-repellent product. Like Premise, termites do not realise that the product is there and consequently they can ‘pick up’ the product and take it back to the colony. This can eliminate the colony over time.


How does Termidor work?

Termidor is applied as a treatment to the soil surrounding existing structures. Traditionally these types of applications are referred to as chemical barriers, although in the case of Termidor, the chemical does not act in the same way as many older chemicals. Rather than a barrier that repels termites, Termidor acts as a non-repellent treated zone, which allows termites to enter – and therefore more efficiently killed.

Termidor is undetectable to termites, which means that termites will actually enter the treated zone, where Termidor binds to their body. Once this has occurred, it is only a matter of time before they are killed. Termidor’s unique Transfer Effect ensures that the Termidor is passed from one termite to the next and as a result even termites that have not directly come into contact with the treated soil can pick up a lethal dose.