Reasons we should be more afraid of ants #3

Many people dislike ants, a few even hate them, but for the most part they do not fear them. In Australia, we have a few species that cause us some trouble, but there is a new kid on the block, one we should be more concerned about- the Argentine Ant. In this series we will show you why you should be more far more afraid of the invading Argentine Ants than you currently are.

Reason number three- the third reason we should be more worried about the invading Argentine Ant is that most of our poisons have no effect on them. Unlike other species of ants, when you spray Argentine Ants with regular pesticides, rather than dying—which is the usual reaction—they actually end up laying more eggs than usual. That’s right, spraying them with poison only increases their numbers.

Though it sounds like something out of a comic book, it is sadly true. This means that if we want to stop this invasion, or more realistically control it, then we need to start developing pesticides that work against them otherwise we will have to watch their numbers grow as they destroy our native ants and the wider environment.

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