Potential Dangers Of Possums As Pests

We have a number of iconic endemic species in Australia. One of them is the possum. While iconic- in the bush- they can be a real hassle in your roof. Not only are they a hassle but they can also prove to be a real danger if things get out of hand.

One of the major reasons that a possum infestation is dangerous is that there droppings can cause disease. Possums are no small pest and it doesn’t take long for their droppings to mount up. In no time at all, you could have a massive mound of unhealthy possum poo in your attic.

Another reason that possums are dangerous is that they might chew on wires up in your roof. This could cause a house fire and puts you and your family at risk. Because they are in your roof and other hard to reach places you might not even know that you are at risk.

Remember that because possums are natives, only a registered person is allowed to move them and under no circumstances are they allowed to be killed, so if you have a possum problem then you should give Cureall Pest Control a call, we have registered personnel who can come and help remove the possums and possum-proof your home.

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